Fallacy – Black Market Boy

June 2nd, 2003

At the very beginning of this debut album Fallacy makes some impressive claims. On the title track he informs the listeners that they will know him ‘real well’ by the end of the last track, and it’s safe to say that at the end of the journey his prophesy is proven correct. Through a variety of tracks ranging from drum and bass inspired production, hard bouncy American flavored efforts, and underground raw domestic styles, this highly anticipated artist delivers the goods. Lyrics range from egotistical verses on ‘The Groundbreaker’, reflective thoughts found on ‘Old And Grey’, and more light hearted word play such as that found on the track ‘Ooh’, a message to the ladies. Although not living up to the NME quote on the CD case’s sticker which reads ‘The most exciting British Hop Hop vocalist for a generation’ (what would they know?) it does stand as a very solid, enjoyable, worthy LP. What makes this release particularly sweet is the great reception it’s got in mainstream media, and the support that industry heavy weights Virgin Records have contributed. Let’s hope it does as well as it sounds, and more big labels pump more care into hiphop community. With the high quality production of Fusion, your ears are in for a hell of a treat.

One Response to “Fallacy – Black Market Boy”

  1. lee Says:

    i brought this album acouple of years ago and its HEAVY! da whole ting, da production, beats, lyrics you cant fault it. i would recomend anyone having this album in there collection. bloodclut heavy!