Kyza- They Call It (Murda) / R.E.A.L

September 6th, 2005

Out on Pepa Records, this very limited edition single from Terra Firma’s Kyza Sayso is an extremely solid and enjoyable release which is ideal for the clubs or the car. ‘They Call It Murda’ showcases intricate story telling as heard on ‘Devil In A Dress’ where we’re offered the tales of a drug dealer called Ricky Rankin. The production, by Caramac (BMA) is quite upbeat and uses an increasingly used reggae sample which plays at the end of every burst of lyrics, adding to the tracks addictiveness. ‘R.E.A.L’ produced by D’Lux is a few notches slower but comes hard with a message and street vibe. Lyrics orientate around the need for people to be more truthful to themselves. Each of the three verses are heavy, and yet more insentive for the forthcoming album.

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