Essa/YunGun – Push

April 26th, 2004

First of all, Essa/Young Gun is fast becoming popular within the UK hip hop scene, ever since his limited edition white label ‘straight jack it’ where he used beats from the likes of jay-z and Neptunes. Since, he has had a few singles- all worth checking if you spot them. Ben Grymm is the producer. Although I haven’t heard of him before this 12”, I look forward to more. Both beats are lively and really get you waiting for the lyrics to kick in. His latest release on Janomi records ‘Push’ is of a club inspired beat that works well with Essa’s brilliant lyrics flow. He isn’t talking about any serious issue, more so how much of a good emcee he is. How does Essa see him self? ‘I’m like a suicide terrorist, I am the bomb’. This track shows his confidence and his ability. How does Essa describe the track? ‘this is hip hop bro, that’s what Essa’s about’. Spit fire – featuring one member of the mighty terra firma, is Essa and Kyza representing the best of the UK. This isn’t such a club track, but trust me its good. So good that Excalibah seems to enjoy playing it every week! If that’s not enough proof to show how good this track is then I don’t know what is. The lyrics are really good on this track, its an all out attack on any emcee that gets in their way. This release has been out since the 19th of April and is available on the Janomi website including shops all over the UK. I suggest if you see it, you pick it up. I look forward to more from everyone who put work into this release.