Big Smoke Magazine

August 5th, 2005

Volume 2 of the dope magazine hits the shelves in mid August at the very nice price of three and a half quid. Distributed by Boombox, the rag will be jammed with dope content including ex London Posse Bionic, DJ Mentat & Ghost, Essoill, The Colony, Seanie T, Humurak D Gritty, Jonzi D & MC Mell’O’, One Self, Kung Fu, Ryan Proctor, Salvo, Tor, Stylah, TB aka Tuberculosis, Bady Blue, Shameless, Skitz, Genesis Elijah, Fashion, Graff and loads more. Contributions come courtesy of Bandit (M.S.I.& Asylum), Disorda (Suspect Packages), Jehst (YNR, Low Life), DJ Excalibah (1Xtra), DJ Moneyshot and Phil Knott. The mighty Foreign Beggars and Sway take the cover.

5 Responses to “Big Smoke Magazine”

  1. Wytfang Says:

    Oooh,im so excited!

  2. Tee Says:

    Sarcy bastuard

  3. DBM Says:

    lol @ Tee

  4. DBM Says:

    Any online places stocking it ya know ???

  5. Tee Says:

    a really shitty place called :-p