Cage- Hell’s Winter

July 17th, 2005

Def Jux records seems like the perfect home for Cage, who has been building up a forever growing fanbase for some time, with the likes of underground smashes like ‘Agent Orange’. Now with the production of Blockhead, DJ Shadow, El-P and others, he delivers what is an extremely solid and enjoyable solo album, which is easily one of the hottest releases of 2005. The advanced promo’s of this LP have been doing the rounds on the internet for some time, and people are buzzing at high volumes about the material. There’s very little to fault about the beats, there’s a variety of different flows which impress the reader into acknowledging his weighty talent, and the subject matters and lyrics are very captivating to follow. Some tracks take the form of autobiographic story telling, others are simply straight forward hiphop jams. Stand out tracks include ‘Stripes’, ‘Hell’s Winter’ and ‘Peeronia’, although there’s not much distinction between these and the rest. It’s been a while that a rapper of such an interesting biography, and an equally compelling artistic ability has dropped something dope like this.

One Response to “Cage- Hell’s Winter”

  1. Verticon Says:

    “illest 4 letter word” – CAGE

    this is absolutely amazing. just straight rad imho.