Ennicee- Mind Mechanics

July 17th, 2005

The whole ‘I’m a crazy twisted rapper’ thing is far beyond outdated and quite uninspiring and non-entertaining these days. Since the mid 90’s, the American underground has been drenched with claims of Satan worshipping and gothic tendencies. For that reason, it seems pretty unnecessary for a UK artist to go a similar route, and it’s hard to get past a press release claiming all that crap. However, throughout this self produced debut album, the production is solid and very good at points. Ennicee has a knack of creating atmospheres well. ‘Open Hearted’ is of a production similar to early 90’s Dr.Dre vibes, with a tad more moodiness. ‘Playing With Fear’ has some horror movie esc strings and some dialogue sampled in. Ennicee is a capable rapper who offers glimpses of decent flow throughout this long twenty-one track affair. It’s just a shame that all the tracks are of the same kinda vain, with their titles ranging from ‘Generation Of Hate’, ‘Playing With Fear’ and ‘Manic Depressive’, to ‘Sick Intentions’ and ‘The End Is Nigh’ (here’s hoping). If you’re gonna spend the majority of an album rapping about stuff that filters through the minds of teenagers undergoing their Slipknot hoodie wearing and Marilyn Manson worshipping phase, you have to be controversial and provocative to a far greater extent than this, else the point is very lost. This is out now on Panic Room Records.