Dap C- Walking In The Rain

July 17th, 2005

NGU’s second release is this double A side single from ex Sin Nombre artist Dap C. Unfortunately, ‘Walking In The Rain’ incorporates a high pitched soul sample which like a million other recent releases, is now unoriginal and far from exciting. The verses of the track are rapped well, in a passionate and easy to listen to manor. The lyrics are solid, but nothing too uplifting and inspirational. It’s produced by the usually on point Mike S of Hard Livin.

‘Just The B-Side’ is instantly more interesting because it doesn’t seem so obviously aimed at getting radio airplay or fitting in with current (and tired out) trends. The vocals and their lyrics give a stronger sense of who Dap C is, and are executed with a more entertaining style of flow. Produced by D&H production, a new outfit from Leicester, the track is polished, well developed and nice on a loud system. MC Beads features to contribute a mid tempo verse.

Instrumentals of each track feature on the release, which is taken from the forthcoming Dap-C album, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’.

4 Responses to “Dap C- Walking In The Rain”

  1. chelsea x Says:

    ent got no propr websyt bt dun dis 1 =S
    er dna wot dis is lol
    watchd th vid 4 walkin in th rain reptic;gd mix
    bt dap-c seems bit fake, th manchesta 1 ws gd seemd grevd bt ya get me? in 1 bit it ws lyk e startd chatin american n its lyk wot? 4t ya ment 2 b sayin ow yaz prowd of uk lyk ah th bginin, bah ya no ye lactic sfe big it up mor, il spred it 4 ya bit
    ayt offs x

  2. N.G.U. Records Says:

    We all must be getting old because we cant make any sense of that above comment!

    But we do like the comment about ‘chatin american’ when Dap-C always raps in his geordie accient!

  3. Card Says:

    Yo i just wana hear the damn song, heard its fkin rkin!!


  4. leon Says:

    i have only 1 of dap c’s album but he is a brillant musican i listen 2 him night and day “Im Dap c im running like a legless bastard ot ya chick on video and the camars not candid” fukin sick lyrics m8 its bangin