The Foot Soldiers- The Exercise EP

July 14th, 2005

It can be scary putting on a CD that you’ve gotta review. Will it be an instantly enjoyable and exciting experience, or another very dull and mondaine five minutes of your life wasted? This EP is thankfully better than a lot. ‘This Is Not An Act’ is a very suitable intro track to the release, with a catchy and headnodding chorus over the loop of heavy electric guitar which displays creative and original thinking. It leads into ‘Fresh’, which starts a little boringly, before lowkey production kicks in and straight forward verses drop. The lyrics aren’t complex and mind blowing, but the voice is more than listenable and by the end of the track, it is its simplicity which makes it an enjoyable few minutes. ‘Tare Up’ begins with some synthesised strings which are okay, but could be touched up a little to improve the atmosphere. A basic drum pattern kicks in, but it has some nice choices of drum sounds and the vocals seem to flow more impressively than on the previous tracks. ‘It’s A New Day’ features Bluetorian. The production on this is instantly nice. The sung male vocals could be a little more uplifting in terms of lyrics, which are a little cliche, but the rapping shows able emcee’s who get straight to the point instead of serving the listeners with complex metaphors to figure out. ‘They Asked For It’ has a cool claps based beat which sounds similar to some recent club hits. The verses offer glimpses of satisfying humour and believable self confidence. ‘The Talk Is Over’ ends the EP in the style it holds throughout- solid, promising, listenable and a good effort in incorporating less typical uk hip-hop beats into the fold.