KaneyKing & Whity- 10/10

July 4th, 2005

Out on the Nottingham based Apolo Recordings, this ten track CD is a mixture of French and UK music featuring Lee Ramsay and others. Whilst I speak no French at all, it sounds like the rapping in that language is certainly of a solid quality, whilst the beats range from average to not so nice, because of their computer based sounds. The English rapping is cool but lacking a strong sense of identity, and leaning towards a typical and generic style more often than not. The french ‘Outre Mesure’ sounds very atmospheric whilst ‘130’ has a dance music vibe to it which sounds quite unique in a hip-hop context. ‘The Coming’ features an English dude of strong character, whilst the CD as a whole is a positive and interesting idea, which represents the forever increasing internationality of Hiphop culture and music.

One Response to “KaneyKing & Whity- 10/10”

  1. serge Says:

    i’ve bought the album in selectadisc, and iam quite please with it. its a new approach in the hiphop. they have a website comming soon i think…like the french rapping though