Lushlife- No Foundation

June 21st, 2005

Lushlife is an American MC who studied on a 7 year course in Jazz kit drumming and classical piano training for 13 years. This, his lead single from his new album ‘Order Of Operations’, out on Scenario Records, is an easy listening and entertaining single, aiming to deliver a message on the importance of the roots of hip-hop. Although there’s nothing particularly poor about this release, it’s not something that will sell you his album or have you raving about it to your friends. The production is warm and colourful, and the rapping isn’t bad either- just of the typical underground MC vein. Yam Who provide a remix of the single, which doesn’t have anything wrong with it, but again isn’t anything that will leave you in amazement. It’s a more developed version of the track, which increases the energy somewhat. Lyrically, the intended message could have been delivered far more passionately. The chorus is catchy and the verses are solid, but at the risk of sounding like a Pop Idol judge, lack that ‘X Factor’.