June 15th, 2005


One of the UK’s finest producers and DJs, Blufoot was kind enough to stop by and answer a few questions for us on his new LP, beats from back in the day and his musical heroes… Check it out.

Blufoot.. Another interview for you to stick under your belt.. Hows it goin in the world of Blu?

Everything’s cool man. The LP is finally out and is gettin a lot of good feedback so I’m a happy Blu.

So.. how did you first get into hip hop? Some people say it was a track they heard or a gig they went to that just got em hooked and made them want to delve that bit further into it… How was it for you?

I’m gettin on in years now.. haha. I was a kid when electro/hip hop first emerged. I just liked the whole vibe of the music in general and I really wanted to be a breaker so I came in that way, as a young breaker. Time passed, Electro turned to Hiphop more as we know it and by then I was hooked. I cant speak for the whole of the UK, but in my little local area it was like you couldnt just be a fan. Everyone had a role as either writer, breaker, DJ or MC. I chose to be a DJ. I liked the whole ‘Terminator X speaks with his hands’ thing, so I copped some cheapy decks, a realistic mic mixer (up and downs only, no switches or crossfader) and that was that.

Have you had any major influences over the years? Be it fellow producers/DJs or even just people that inspire you to keep on at what you do?

Ive had loads of musical heros. I spose I still have the same ones like EPMD, Tribe, Geto Boys, NWA, Public Enemy- the list goes on really, but people that specifically inspire me to keep going in music… I think No I.D. was a big one. When his LP dropped I was at a bit of a crossroads and some of the messages on that LP really connected with me – ‘Accept yourself and be your own’ and on a personal level, Infinite Livez always inspires me to push myself as an artist.

Do you remember the first beat you made?

Of course. It was made in about 1989 and it’s exactly the same as Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz’ ‘De Ja Vu’. I was just a few years ahead of them, finding that sample. All my early beats were huge samples. No drums added, nothing. Just a one track recording! Things have developed a bit since then.

The UK scene is heavy right now and there seems to be emcees armed with their pens emerging from everywhere… Are you hearing a lot of young producers or do you think the UK’s lacking on that front just now?

There’s loads of upcoming talent about. All the time, I’m hearing beats by new producers that blow me away. All we need now is respect from the industry in this country. As soon as they stop seeing domestic artists as second best we’ll all be onto a winner.

Now, your album “The Ablution LP”. Do you fancy telling folks what to expect from the album?

Expect a hefty clump of hip hop. I’m not here to bring you the latest temporary hip hop related fad. I make hip hop. Always have and always will. There’s a mixture of featured artists on the LP from names like Sway & Yungun to emcee’s that havent released a tune before. I like that kind of a mix up coz it plays with peoples perceptions of the mc’s.

Whats your favourite track off the LP?

That’s a tough question really. The LP started as a 25 track demo and I’ve slowly had to thin it down to what it is today. All of the original 25 were my favourites and cutting the LP to 12 tracks was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, so what you have on the LP are my 12 favourite tracks. I cant pick out one.

Have you ever made a beat for an emcee that you’ve been really pleased with and the emcee just wasnt liking it?

Yes I have, but everything is negotiable.

Was there any memorable moments when recording the album – Barry Convex looks like he’d bring some fun to the studio!

There were yeah. I’ve got some of the recording sessions on video. We were recording the ‘claps’ on Mic Assassin’s tune and some naughty little blighter (who shall remain un-named) decided it would be cool to clap AND smoke a blunt at the same time. The co-ordination was there at first, but as the sticky green slowly ate away at his basic motor skills he got careless and ended up delivering a huge clap which sandwiched the hot end of the blunt between his palms. I think a valuable lesson was learnt that day. And ‘Whispers’, the tune at the end of the LP with everyone on it. Nobody knew about that track until they were at the studio and had finished their original track. Some handled it, some panicked – but they all came through in the end.

What was the last track you listened to?

Stetsasonic ‘Sally’ or Aasim ‘Hip Hop 101’. I was a bit twisted last night and can’t remember which was the last. Both good tunes though.

Ok. I’m interested to know, do you sit down and make a beat whenever you feel inspired or is it only when there’s a job to be done?

I used to sit and make beats all day and night, but I ended up with about 90 beats that didnt get used. These days I mostly work when there’s a need for it, but sometimes I still make em just for the fuck of it.

So once we’ve copped the LP and we’re lookin to get a taste of Blufoot live in action, you got any shows coming up?

I’m gonna be at the Bosuns Bar, Penzance, 10th June with Mystro, Amber Rooms, Exeter, 24th June with Sway & Yungun, The 3 Tuns, Guildford, 31st July with Ddubble Impactt & Joker Starr.

I’ve got all my shows posted at for now until I get updated, so keep checking there. If I’m passing near anyone reading you should definately come and get Abluted. See you there!

Peace to Blufoot for taking the time out to chat with us here at rapnews and definetly check for the new The Ablution LP — Out now!