KRS One at Shepherds Bush Empire

June 9th, 2005

Knowledge reigned supreme at Shepherds Bush Empire on the eighth of June, as KRS One rocked the house as part of his first UK tour in eight years. As The Teacher walked onto the stage, the extremely full venue roared with an energy which was sustained long after the man left their sight.

Throughout the hour and a half set, The Blastmaster gave his enthusiastic audience the honour of hearing classic after classic, including ‘Mc’s Act Like They Don’t Know’ and ‘Sound Of The Police’ to name a very few. Between tracks, Kris dropped several freestyles with an ease which seemed as natural to him as breathing. A dig at the BBC and Tim Westwood got the crowd particularly hyped, as well as a diss towards Nelly, or Melle. The sound system wasn’t always perfect but only the occasional line was inaudible.

KRS got the audience participating in his famous ‘The Real Hiphop is’, ‘over here’ phrase so many times the line still echoed in ears after long train journeys home. At one point the legend worked his way through the hiphop time line, dropping science as to what important hiphoppas came about in each year.

The show was hiphop in its truest sense, with a busy stage full of extremely energetic break dancers as well as Wild Style’s Busy B. In the set’s second half, beat boxer Rahzel impressively worked his way through a routine which added another element of hiphop culture represented on the night. KRS didn’t pause once for breath during the entire evening, constantly wide eyed and waving his hands, a credit to his live show stamina and a stark contrast to what I previously referred to as hiphop shows I have attended, but now consider laid back training sessions for those artists.

At the end of the show, which included a performance of the ‘Blueprint’ track ‘The Style You Haven’t Done Yet’, KRS spoke over the instrumental of a ‘Sneak Attack’ number, insuring that the more recent albums of the man were represented alongside the earlier ones of a career which spans several decades.

Before being followed by a load of security off the arena, KRS acknowledged that he took some time to get back to London, but said the situation of his home nations hiphop scene was so dire that he needed to deal with that first before getting global. He certainly made an impact on everyone who was privileged to attend the historical night, which will go down as many’s greatest hiphop experience of all time.

5 Responses to “KRS One at Shepherds Bush Empire”

  1. freo Says:

    well remembered tee, you must have stayed sobber for the sake of real hiphop juornalisum.

  2. m.dogg Says:

    real hip hop lives london!! i was lucky enough to be at the krs1 concert on 8th june and all i can say is DAMN!!.kris ripped it up and showed the people what a mc really is. what a night, what a show, what memorys.

  3. mike fresh Says:

    word!.. krs was so dope!.. easily the dopest show ive been to. the highlight for me was definately ‘step into a world’.. and seeing chief rocker busy bee!!

  4. A DOUBLE Says:

    I Haven’t seen a show with as much energy since i saw Xzibit a few years back at the Astoria and this was much better.


    (let’s hope it doesn’t take another 8 years till the teacher appears in London)

  5. Murs one Says:

    that felt so good, rahzel was crazy ill, busy bee even though he lost some of his voice i feel he played his part, the dis to westwood made me cream my pants, lovin it Kris. the only thing it didnt have was the graffers, in my opinion they should of been throwing pieces, outline and dubs up all night, but they might be asking to much