The Chicharones- Pork Rind Disco

June 6th, 2005

The Chicharones are Josh Martinez and Sleep, both from the forever impressive Canadian hiphop scene. The guys have already performed over 500 live shows together, and this is their first release ahead of a full debut album that will drop in August. Personality and high quality production instantly slap you around the face when you first put the EP on. Both rappers have entertaining voices and styles, and the beats are solid. The first track ‘Pork Rind Disco’, sounds developed and has a really enjoyable chorus. The uptempo number leads smoothly into ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ which is nice and funky. The tempo’s a little slower than the previous number, but that’s all that’s decreased, as the top notch sounds are sustained and suggest a live version with band present, could tear the house down. ‘Guys Like Me’ begins with some looping strings and some stuttering scratching. The vocals revolve around verses about a chick. The drum pattern is tight and the background effects and sounds put the cherry on the cake. Once more the sung chorus sounds great. Instrumentals of all three of the consistent and enjoyable EP tracks are present, as well as bonus track ‘Find The Time’ which begins with slow piano and gradually builds up in atmosphere and class.

2 Responses to “The Chicharones- Pork Rind Disco”

  1. eve64 Says:

    brilliant…i saw these guys supporting money mark and loved it…can’t wait for album….

  2. petpotpig Says:

    Their live show is brilliant indeed! These two are MUST SEE.