Genesis Elijah- Deh Pon Road

May 31st, 2005

Genesis Elijah drop a world exclusive review of the forthcoming album by the young South London rapper.

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Genesis Elijah, real name Nathaniel Bygrave, is 23 and from Brixton, South London. He’s been building a following for himself for some time, having already secured a set at Glastonbury Festival, ahead of ever having a full length release out. ‘Deh Pon Road’ is the culmination of four years of hard work, and it shows. Out on Broken Souls/Brave Music, it consists of eighteen tracks recorded between 2001 and now, including the popular 12” single ‘Jah Bless’ featuring Klashnekoff.

There are several significant highlights of the album; The previously mentioned single, ‘3RD Order’ featuring Skinnyman, Supernova and Nasser and ‘Gun Talk’ featuring Wordsmith and Terra Firma. That’s not to say the album relies upon big guest appearances though.

The collection of tracks are structured into three sections, similar to the way in which ‘Lets Get Free’ by Dead Prez was of two halves. Separated by interludes, which could perhaps emphasis the concept a little further for greater effect, each section orientates around particular themes and focuses, ‘The Road’, ‘The Art’, and ‘The Truth’.

In ‘The Road’, tracks such as ‘Half A Bar’ and the title track set the album off well, introducing the young artist who leans towards more aggressive styles of rapping and lyrical content. ‘I’m Here’ produced by Neehi is the most effective introductory track due to its simple and dark beat. ‘Road Rage’ has a heavy beat produced by the consistent Tom Caruana and talks of teenage stabbings, robbing and gun crime. Unfamiliar rapper Ahmos drops an impressive verse which builds interest as to who he is.

In the section ‘The Art’, the songs revolve around commentary of the music industry and its many unappreciated aspects. On ‘Seems Strange’ produced by Dutch Courage, Genesis talks of Fame Academy, the quality of the charts and radio airplay. ‘So Hip-Hop’ is atmospheric and fairly low tempo. The rapper talks about artists who have no grasp of the art they claim to be creating. The chorus questions if these artists really own guns and do the things they say they do. ‘Now You Wanna Know’ talks about how people’s attitudes towards Genesis have changed since he’s begun gaining more exposure and success.

In ‘The Art’, ‘Stay Strong’ is an atmospheric, inspiring and uplifting track produced by Imz and Genesis himself. The chorus is sung with emotion and the verses are of a positive nature. ‘How It Goes’ continues the good vibes, talking of making it through the day and speaking up. ‘More To Life’ which features Sabrina Roberts singing, talks of the need to dream and stop crying. It includes social commentary and personal reflections.

Overall, and especially considering this is a debut album, the release is very solid and jammed with many moments worth many playbacks. There’s a nice mixture between mood’s and topics, and solo and collaboration tracks. Listeners are likely to appreciate the set up of the album, which is testament to the in-depth engagement the artist consistently seems to have with his work, which is evident throughout.

The album is released on the 2nd of July, through Broken Souls/Brave Music.
Genesis Elijah is performing the the Roots tent at Glastonbury at 12.00 on the 25th.

7 Responses to “Genesis Elijah- Deh Pon Road”

  1. all people who enjoy good music Says:

    dear lord, this is the most ametuerish drivel i have ever had the misfortune to hear. Steer well clear of this untalented “artist”.

  2. DJ Answer Says:

    Ermmmm “all people who enjoy good music”.......... are you on crack?

  3. The Thing Says:

    Genesis Elijah is both talented and people enjoy his good music. Don’t start hating when you could have told why you didn’t like his music. That you don’t like his music doesn’t mean that Genesis Elijah is “untalented” or that people has bad taste when they like Elijah. Taste is a subjective opinion. I think Deh Pon Road is a fucking great album. Eat my shorts haters.

    Feel free to bitch about my grammar. English is my second language.

  4. The Thing Says:

    DJ Answer.. I thought you were quoting a sentence from the review ;)

    I didn’t see that you responded to a very strange nick. Peace.

  5. M16 Says:

    Genesis Elijah is the best uk artist at the moment stop all da hatin u fools and recognize Genesis Elijah movin dis year!! fuk all da haters!! big up broken souls and ma man Genesis!

  6. hej Says:

    I saw you in London.
    your cd is super

  7. jedi Says:

    Ridiculously sick album, listen to it and see. sick solo tracks, heavy guests and heavy production.