Swampfoot- ‘The Education’

May 19th, 2005

The first track off the E.P “Educationâ€? sees Swampfoot using the classic chorus from Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wallâ€? which echo’s across the song. Throughout the track it has a live acoustic vibe, which fits in nicely with the lyrics.

“Right Of Wayâ€?, the second track on the A-side, is another example of why Swampfoot deserves to be getting some recognition, and once again offers complex production techniques, fusing cords, strings, piano and scratching, with conscious meaningful positive lyrics.

“Seen To Be Believedâ€?, a more up-tempo faster paced number on the b- side, shows how Swampfoot can obviously mix up their styles of Hip Hop, and adapt to different styles rather than focusing on one style or sound all the time.

This E.P. offers a quality sound and a production from Swampfoot- almost a seamless, effortless, well formed style and sound, offering the listener well polished and crisp production, tight rhymes with a rolling flow. All this and without resorting to following a formula or jumping on a UK sound.

Swampfoot has managed to deliver a great record that encapsulate a refreshing and unique individual flava which is quite indefinably their own. With their own unique sound, and obviously long term commitment to hip hop after spending several years on the underground circuit, let’s hope that good things are heading Swampfoot’s way, and they survive the pitfalls of trying to make it in the UK hip hop industry. Go out and get it, it’s a gemm!

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