May 2nd, 2004

The first of May saw Jehsts final performance at Jazz Cafe London in a run of four. The high plains drifter had the crowd worried for a while when the clock hit half past twelve and there was still no sign, but baby faced DJ IQ was soon spotted setting up his wheels of steel and it was then game on. Running through the now to be expected tracks ‘Citizen Smith’, ‘Falling Down’, ‘Run Hard’, ‘High Plains Anthem’ and ‘Monotony’, Billy the kid entertained a packed and lively room for well over an hour. The nicest moment came when the confident and in his element MC treated his audience to an exclusive track, an ode to his beloved Mary Jane which consisted of his typical intelligent and deep lyricism and production a lot less gloomy than any material of late. As the final piece of vinyl completed its last rotation the man was as quick up the stairs as he has been to secure a following of such strength, but nobody felt cheated of a meet and great because they were too busy dancing away to the increasingly impressive DJ. If the set wasn’t evidence enough that the guy held a serious love for hip-hop, his eagerness to showcase a special guest at each of the four gigs was. This week was Esse aka Yungun’s turn to shine, and that he did, running through a small number of crowd pleasing tracks including a collaboration between his host. And lets not overlook the presence of Asaviour, who stands as Jehsts right hand man, constantly sustaining the energy levels and keeping everything moving, onwards and upwards as it seems Jehst is continuing to go.