The Blacklover88rs- Daze Like These

May 5th, 2005

Dr. Oop and Two-B are Mandela and Sisulu of The Blacklover88rs in Daze Like These, reads the badly designed cover art of this 12” which arrived with no press release, so I know as little about it as you. It’s out on Ramp Recordings, who’s website is under construction, and is apparently taken from a forthcoming album which I can’t give you the name of, because of a pathetic font used on the inlay.

The record consists of track seven, ‘Daze Like These’, track eight ‘Don’t Bounce!’ and track one ‘Waterbong Funk’. There’s an instrumental to each, and a bonus cut ‘The Real War’. Also present, is a demonstration in dyslexia, or a tragic attempt of being funny and cool by jumbling up numbers, which actually only results in the reviewer’s eyes rolling once more.

The first track (track seven…) is produced well and very chilled. The rapping is cool, but the vocalists voices aren’t anything to write home about and could do with being more interesting considering the slow pace of the song. There’s some awful and pointless female singing, of a very badly written and executed hook.

The second track (track eight…) provides a much nicer listen. The track’s another fairly slow, gentle and easy listening affair, but the vocals are a lot more barable to follow and the beat has a few different things going on which win you around by the end of the track. It sounds like it could make for a really enjoyable live performance due to its instrumental nature.

The third track (track one…) is one too many slow laid back numbers by this point, as there’s no identity to it other than being slow and laid back, which is a stark comparison to the bonus cut, which is more active, has a lot more for the ear to absorb and would have done far better being the first track on release.

And what do you know, I’ve found the press release. The crew is called The Blackloveradiators, they’re from Los Angeles and were founded in the late eighties. The Mc’s are Droop and PM who are joined by DJ Midas and beatboxer K-Million. Droop worked on a side project with People Under The Stairs and PM has worked with J-Love. The crew have worked with Dilated Peoples, Murs, Freestyle Fellowship and LA Symphony. Apparently they’re ‘at the top of there game’ (press release typo, not mine).

Now where’s that low budget felt tip tagged CDR I had to write up…

8 Responses to “The Blacklover88rs- Daze Like These”

  1. gilbert Says:

    with all due respect,

    this is obviously a hate fueled review. if you dont like the record that is cool, but you dissed every single element of this 12”, which indicates to me that you have a personal vendetta against someone. if you have a problem with someone involved in the process of bringing this record to the public, please don’t take it out in the artists review. we (the artists) don’t know you and have done nothing to warrant this tirade.

    thank you
    blacklovemusic on-line rep.

  2. Tee Says:

    If you cant take criticism you’re in the wrong buisness. And if you expect and demand positive reviews every time you send out a promo, you’re inexperienced and unintelligent. The majority of the review above is a response of the reviewer towards the actual music. The reviewer has no personal issue with anyone involved in the product. He merely didn’t like the product. Deal with it.

  3. gilbert Says:

    as i said in the previous paragraph, i have no problem if you don’t like the record (thus demonstarting that i can take criticism and that i am not inexperienced and unintelligent or expecting positive review everytime i send out a promo). we aren’t new to bad reviews. this review demonstrates to me that it goes beyond rather or not you liked the record . what’s all that shit about ‘no press release..oh i found the press release’, not being able to read the font which by everyone elses standards is clearly legible? not to mention nit picking over the “press release typo not mine” (in the mean time you spelled ‘bearable’ wrong in the paragraph about the 2nd song?!). if you think the at the music is wack thats fine, you may be right even, but the 1st, 2nd and last paragraphs are purely spiteful and unprofessional. please afford us the same respect we gave you by giving you the record to review in the first place.

  4. sorar Says:


    as it seems to this is a discussion between the critic and the artists but i have to say that i just love that 12 inch … i bought it because of the daze like these track which is just a great summer-have-a-beer song and it is on heavy rotation on my turntables … i also recognized that the critic is just not objective and negative connotated … the whole time! a more objective view on the 12 inch would be better ….

    sry for the bad english, just got a basic course in school

  5. gilbert Says:

    glad you like the record Sorar. feel free to check the website: and keep in touch with us

  6. Devas Says:

    Man that is the worst, most inaccurate review I have ever read! Do you have beef with these cats? These guy are seasoned professional flexing both skill, and orginality on that single. Yo, I don’t always like every song to be the roughest shit I’ve ever heard! Somwtimes I like to lay back in the cut and THE BLACKLOVER88rs do just that. I don’t like rap music but that don’t mean it’s wak. I also, don’t enjoy country music, still don’t mean it’s wak.
    Stop the hate.

  7. Devas Says:

    Damn! Black Love Hate88rs

  8. Cory Davies Says:

    I absolutely love this record and the reviewers comments have not affected how the general public feels about Oop and Bec Sisulu. I have to agree with Sorar, this record is perfect for the summer, just relaxing, not having to worry about the violence and regular b.s. in today’s music. Oop has been putting it down lyrically, in my opinion, doper than any m.c. since “Hue-man Theory” and then he totally killed it with “Deep Impact” and “Crunch Time”. Bec Sisulu (Two B.) is riding in off of the success of “Cherry on Top” and “Nessun Dorma”. I actually got to catch Oop perform the songs from this single at some party in down town l.a. not too long ago. Sisulu wasn’t present but Oop held it down. So don’t ever sleep on ANYTHING these guys choose to put out. It’s certified sureshot every time with Black Love. Please Believe me, C Dave