Fat Club- The Leftovers

May 5th, 2005

The beginning of this album scared me a lot with a long sample of a corny crooner pouring his aching heart down the microphone. I had visions of ripped jeans, dangerous Bon Jovi mullets and air guitars. Luckily some scratching soon came in, and luckier still, the rapping eventually started. It doesn’t seem too long ago that I was reviewing the previous album, but it all came flooding back even more after hearing the characteristic and easily identifiable vocals of Fat Club.

An early highlight of the album is the first main track, ‘Decrease The Peace’. It’s got tons of energy and the pace is fast. There’s a cool scratching thing going on at the start, as the vocals escalate in speed and power. There’s a very nice choice of drum sounds and the typical entertaining lyrics of the guys.

‘Love/Hate Relationship’ can’t go wrong simply because of the flute at the start of the beat. The rest of the song is quite atmospheric and took me by surprise with its well developed and effective production which the tones and deliveries of the narrative vocals suits perfectly.

‘Beatboxing’ is an entire track over a beat boxing beat. It’s not a new idea, but still an enjoyable one with some cool dribble and snoring sound effects thrown in. ‘Break The Tension’ is a more up-tempo track with a basic beat which works well by not being too overly produced.

‘Ode to Folded Metal’ has a great title and even greater track. This is extremely atmospheric, has a great beat and some very nice sampled in female background vocals. It’s a story telling affair with a haunting vibe. It’s a simple thing, but a nice little heartbeat effect with the line ‘I can still feel your heart beat’ really satisfied me.

‘Return of Itchiban Monk’ has some really nice guitar on the short instrumental. Junior Disprol and Optimus Prime guest on ‘The Rhyme Creators’ and dropped some lyrics jammed verses over the raw drum loop.

Overall, this is an impressive collection of tracks. If it was narrowed down to a shorter track list, it could have been even more great, but then I guess the whole point of there being so many tracks is that the album is a ‘leftovers’ collection. It was evident quite a few times on here, that the guys are far more than comics and have genuine ability to deliver very in-depth, developed and moving sounds which they’re fully capable of accompanying with relevant lyrics executed in just the right fashion.

2 Responses to “Fat Club- The Leftovers”

  1. Mr Monk Says:

    Tee… cheers for the kind words! Glad you dig this shit mate… we’re planning to put this out soon, promise, and now tracks deep into the seperate Mr Monk & Turroe solo albums, with Jun Dis back again, Probe Mantis has just left the place after dropping some lyrics too… will keep ya posted!

  2. Mr Monk Says:

    Me again…. If any heads want a copy of this album, e-mail info@fatclubonline.com
    We’ll bung you an address, you send us an SAE, we’ll chuck you a cd. Can’t say fairer than that?????