Keith Lawrence- The Goin’ True EP

May 5th, 2005

After a dancehall intro by Spoonface, things get started on the producers EP with his track ‘Let It Be Known’ which features Karl Hinds, Seanie-T, Spooonface and Pesci. It’s a loud and enjoyable number with a solid beat and a nice variety of sound effects thrown around. The chorus and its sung background vocals is catchy and the variety of accents from the guest rappers makes for a beneficial listen.

‘Style & Fashion’ features UK hip-hop legend Rodney P. The track begins with some cool scratching and the extremely recognisable and loved voice of the artist. The beat, which Lawrence says he made especially with the riddim killa in mind, matches well with the vocals which are of heavy verses. The hook is a cool mixture of some echoed samples with some scratching. Rodney P is always full of character and personality and this is yet another example in his consistent portfolio of recordings.

Joker Starr features on ‘Lyrical Olympics’. From the moment the track begins, the concept of the song is established. The rapper provides listeners with a fictional commentary of a track race between Starr, Dark Angel(?), Ty, Nas, Jay Z, Pharoahe Monch, Black Twang and Sami Delux(?), a set up which allows Joker Starr to inventively put forward what he thinks makes a decent MC. The beat could be described as having quite an athletic vibe to it. There’s a mixture of nice drum sounds used in an original pattern.

The EP finishes with ‘Reppin’ For The Dirt’ featuring the 23 year old Englishkid from South London. His vocals are strong and the verses are worth a listen but nothing that will raise the pulse too drastically. The beat has a cool flute which is slightly heavier than when most other producers use the instrument. There’s also a faint guitar strumming sort of sound in the loop. The track isn’t as lively as the previous numbers, but that works as a nice comparison to the rest of the EP, which is quite high in energy.

Overal, the EP is good. Every song is well produced and there’s no guest vocalist which should have been left off. Joker Starr steals the show with extreme ease, because his track is the most oringinal and entertaining on both the music and lyrics sides of things. Having already released the well received ‘Step By Step’ featuring Mystro and ‘Shonoluv’ featuring Seanie T’, and now this, Keith Lawrence is rapidly asserting his name towards the forefront of the country’s list of hiphop producers.

One Response to “Keith Lawrence- The Goin’ True EP”

  1. kebcon Says:

    i agree. it all sounds nice, and the joker starr track is the most unique out of the lot. would like to hear more of him