Princess Superstar

May 2nd, 2005

Princess Superstar

Ahead of her forthcoming concept album, I managed to ask tons of questions to the busy lady. Here’s responses to the one’s she had time to respond to..

Could you start by telling us a little about how you got interested in making hip-hop music.

I loved hip hop and I really started as a joke, trying to rhyme. When I saw that I made my friends laugh by my lyrics, and when I began making beats that people actually liked, I kept going. I never really intended to be doing it 10 years later!

Who’s your most influential and inspiring artist in your record collection?

I like to say: Biggie to Iggie to Ziggy (Stardust!)

How would you describe yourself as an artist to anyone who isn’t familiar?

Who’s not familiar? Ha ha!

What past release are you most proud of having created?

I loved working with Kool Keith on our song “Keith n Me” and also the Prodigy on the song Memphis Belles.

To date, what’s been the most enjoyable part of being a recording artist?

I can’t believe that I get paid to make up songs. It still boggles my mind!

What can fans expect from the forthcoming ‘My Machine’ LP?

It’s a concept album that’s in the future, although there is a bit of time travel- and it’s a whole story about cloning and celebrities. It’s a record you should listen to from beginning to end like Tommy or The Wall!

Which producers worked on the album and how did you hook up with them?

I’ve worked with mainly dance music producers like Jacques Lu Cont and Armand Van Helden. Arthur Baker is the executive producer- He produced Afrika Bambaata’s Planet Rock. What a legend! That was great, working with him. I basically just asked these guys. It is cool because I am at a lucky place where a lot of people know who I am and want to work with me.

Which artists or producers would you most appreciate the opportunity to work with at some point?

Like everyone, I want to work with the Neptunes and Missy.

You don’t seem to try competing with other female rappers and you stick to your own unique style. Is that a conscious thing?

It’s not really conscious, it’s just that I do my own thing. I don’t know what else to do!

Which female rappers do you rate at the moment?

I have always loved Bahamadia and Missy- Lil Kim’s first album and Salt n Pepa are still a huge influence!

Have you ever been to the UK and will you be over here to tour the new album?

I go to the UK about once every two months (mostly for DJ sets right now.) Of course I will tour there!

3 Responses to “Princess Superstar”

  1. Garry Says:

    I’d do her

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dirrty version of christina aguilera?

  3. ste Says:

    seems an interesting girl :) , strange to find a hot intelligent american! . like it