November 15th, 2004

Verbal Remedy at The Pad in Bedford (4th November) comes round again. This turn sees Mudfamalama gangbanga Skinnymana. Errrrrrr you get the point. As in previous shows the pre main act set up is pretty much the same. The in house DJ’s, Philly Blunts, Incite and Baraka play out some tunes for a crowd of stagnant head nodding dance-a-phobics. If they all drank like I did, we would all be getting buck wilde but Ce la vie. This continues for a bit, keeping the atmosphere up as people mingle amongst themselves. I clock the real warm up across the room, someone guaranteed to get the crowd hyped and ready for even a funeral. Genesis Elijah. Tonight he’s playing with collaborators Ahmos and label mate, Wordsmith, all 3 doing their thing on Verbal Remedies newly fashioned make shift stage (wonder if that will hold). Although limited with their material and releases under their belt, they know how to work it. So sing it……..’These streets come like Gotham, but aint no Batman and Robin, It’s more like, OI! He’s a Batty, Rob him!’ Now I’m alarmed at how many people know this line, the crowd seemed to be singing it right back at him. Now that’s a good line don’t get me wrong, but he aint a big name………yet.

Genesis gets his opinions voiced on a nice acapella round, and then he passes over to his mate, Wordsmith, who genesis claims to be one of the best rappers that done did it. So here he is, in the spotlight, does he impress?…………… We’ll yeah he came off nice. But not amazing. If your going to believe the hype, place it on Genesis.

Whilst this act is drawing to an end, I catch a glimpse of my main man Gaz (Verb Remedy Entrepreneur) crawling thru the crowd with our main act. Now Gaz was fretting cos Skinnyman didn’t show up right until he was due to perform, but he’s here now, and that’s all that matter. And seems to be in high spirits. I say a quick alrite to the pair, and get back to the show, or the bar. I’m not sure which.

Anyway, its Skinnyman time. Only assisted by his pal DJ Flip, Skinny steps up. Bit of crowd interaction, a bit of an introduction and we’re under way. Not forgetting this is actually part of the album tour, so the tour is going to consist of primarily the………album. From what I hear skinny has had a fair bit of success with this LP too. Radio1 play listed, clocking in the album charts circa mid 50 position, press exposure from the hip hop mags, NME Rags and probably from of the broadsheet slags.

But he doesn’t leave out other parts of his show. He drops his infamous verses such as ‘’twilight of the gods’’ and even the ‘’hold on verse’’ from the Foreign Beggars album, and a few speeches of his rastafied philosophy and politics, the children of planet earth, his herbs and his beanies etc. Skinny’s on a alcohol tip though tonight and holds aloft his rum!. He even got a bit of crowd participation, from me, but that’s a different story. Then skinny departs after about an hour of show, leaves the DJ’s to round up the night, and that’s another one in the bag.

Highlights: I’ll Be Surprise, Loves Gone From the Streets. Lowlifes ( I mean Lights, Sorry): None.

2 Responses to “Skinnyman”

  1. Double Dutch Says:

    how often does this verbal remedy happen?? I’ve been doing a hip hop night in london for the past two years under the name verbal remedies!!?
    wednesdays and fridays, come check it out or get back to me on,

  2. Gloom is Press Says:

    I think that’s the name of the MC (Verbal Remedy) who is reviewing the Skinnyman gig and not the name of the night…