Dirty Diggers- That’s Why

January 1st, 2001

If you can’t see the video, you’ll need to download the Quicktime player.

8 Responses to “Dirty Diggers- That’s Why”

  1. Noodle Says:

    Diggers Kilt It

  2. Beano Says:

    Thats quite good Anything with gangsta references to Asda must be quite good…

  3. idiotproof Says:

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant.
    Rough, genuine & honest. DIY done well.
    Love the track, love the 12”. Pisses on so much rubbish out there…

  4. Edu Says:

    That’s nice guys, keep it up. It’s good to see you guys are keeping it simple, no stupid bling, just your life and having fun.

  5. FREEWILL Says:

    SIKKK… its tha onli word which comes to mind.

  6. jonn Says:

    big man tune
    chronic blunt time init

  7. Vertex Says:

    I heard this when it first come out and still lovin’ it!

  8. allan germany Says:

    —best video—ever—uk—original uk fever—trooisdorf props—