Northern Dialect

April 30th, 2005

Northern Dialect

Chattabox of the North Eastern crew chats about who they are, where they’re from, what’s released and what’s in the pipe line.

First up, can you tell us who Northern Dialect are and where abouts you are from?

Northern Dialect consists of 8 people. The mc’s are Rick fury, Gaz, Art, Sep5 and myself ‘Chattabox’. Dj Tooth and the producer Peta Max..we’re from south shields, the North East of England, so we’re a minority of a minority up here.

How did you guys hook up and how long have you been going?

Dialect mainly is now a hybrid of two groups ‘northern dialect’ and ‘myths from 66’. Mf66 was my group with Sep5 and DJTooth, and we kinda gravitated towards the only other hiphop heads in the town which were Rick Fury, Gaz and Peta max ‘northern dialect’, also accompanied by an mc by the name of ‘Art’ who moved up here from Birmingham and was down with Dialect from the start. We decided to link up and since then things have been electric u know? We all bring our own flavour and energy to the mix and we all have our different inspiraions.

What releases have you dropped so far and what projects are up and coming?

As a group we released recently a mix cd called ‘PRO.LIF.IKK vol 1’ and that was just released locally around our town in Newcastle City. I have mates in London circulating that right now. Hopefully very soon, we’re gunna be living up to the name and dropping another mix of ‘PRO.LIF.IKK vol2’ which will be off the chain, fresh, dope whatever its gonna be the shit! So watch out!

Can you talk us through some of your releases and the producers/artists you’ve collaborated with to date?

Yeah, there’s a few and thanks to modern technology I’ve been able to land some American talent too, like Liquid and Digital of Phillidelphia, but erm…as for now, there’s some Chattabox colabs with a few London artists, most recently Evey D of north london, a very tallented lady who runs with the Herbaliser, and Ashwan and Curious of London town also. You can check these out on the net too at just look for Chattabox. The next cd will have some heavy colabs on there. I got some Dialect and Evey tracks on some stolen beats as well as our own. We decided to do a real bootleg mix cd with Mobb Deep beats and necro’s on their also. Some premier beats, its interesting.

What label are you on and how did you land that situation?

No label as of yet. We havn’t really tried at all. We plan to do it once and do it properly.

I take it from the name, you all have non London accents? How pissed off do you get with the scene being so focused on the capital and nowhere else?

Yeah we’re all northern. Dunno, I cant say im pissed at it cos as long as British shit gets played im happy you know? I dont think it’s going to be a
long until you start seeing some northern exposure on things like channelU. And you only get what you put in and where’s the North Easts illegal radio’s and ChannelU’s or even things like Kungfu and Itchfm? There’s none of that so no wonder we dont get the hype, but we will dont worry.

What artists across the UK are you most rating at the moment?

For me personally im feeling most of the shit on LowLife rite now like TaskForce, Skinnyman, Jehst, Klashnekoff, Foriegn Beggars etc. I know that some of the boys are really feeling some of the Grime n Garage vibes at the moment too like Kano, Asher D, Wiley n the whole Risky Roads thing. And for those who aint heard it, the new DJ Format album is quality. Oh yeah, I like the sound of ‘The Phobia’ but I gotta get some more of their shit.

Dare to be a bit controversial and say who you aint feeling at the moment?

Hmmm . . . . as far as the UK is concerned, I dunno. There’s always gunna be those people that dont actualy say or achieve anything through their music. There’s alot of wanky wannabe Americans out there with ‘in the club’ fronts n I aint feelin none of that.

What do you make of all this grime and 2step buisness?

I like a whole lot of it, there’s a lot of strong artists doing it. For me, (this may sound naive) it’s not hip hop or garage but a slice of both, and that’s always a good thing- creating a new sound should be commended.

Besides from rapping, are you guys involved in any other area of hiphop like graffing or breaking?

Tooth deals with the turntables n Sep5 does a little Graffitti here n there. I wish I could be arsed with break dance but I’d rather just watch the
people who can really kill it.

Do you guys do many live shows and where can we check you out?

Im doing a lot more now that im with Dialect, and they’re all up at Newcastle so far, there’s some nights you can check us out at ‘Beatdown’ at Fleet St in Newcastle, ‘Fusion’ at Newcastle and anywhere that will take us really. We got some strange ones coming up. We’re going down to Bristol to do a gig at a masked ball (???) so should be interesting. Supposedly we have quite a following there, and a theatre in South Shields called The Customs House, no one knows us there so I think its gunna be a contreversial one…There’ll be old grannies n kids n that there soooo….but its for charity so u know. Plus, it’s a chance to perform in front of a different larger audience for a change.

Have you got a website or anything so people can check out the latest news from you guys?

I got a Chattabox website comin up, and that should spern on a Dialect one too but until then check out icompositions n I’m on a few sites battlin n genrally talkin shit a lot so check it out.

Any shout out’s or plugs you’d like to drop before this wraps up?

Yer the whole Dialect crew! Chris Hunt! Evey D! Ashwan! Curious! Peeps at the Suttun Trust Estate! All the mugs at the Giro line! see you soon! Peace

7 Responses to “Northern Dialect”

  1. milla Says:

    areet joe m8 get in touch al be at the gig at the amphy c ya there m8
    al try n get stevie 2 go

  2. steve Says:

    just got hold of a cd “northern dialect & chattabox” off a friend , spitting venom on the tracks , its well impressive “what do you mean back on the scene i never left son” great crack, good luck lads geordie patta on the mic you dont get much better than that , didnt know if there was any history among you but good crack to hear you are all crew and sticking together ,i will be keeping an eye open and my ears open to hear what you are up to , north east represented , much respect

  3. baz Says:

    nice one rick gaz n pete .. and all the rest.. the cd steve is on about is prolific and mf66 i put them together on one cd to listen to in the car…. anyway lads got a new night starting 30th july at Enigma ( next to WHQ) called FLEX 8.00 til 1.00 free entery..disfunctional family will be preforming also a mc battle would be nice to see you all there… through the day we will be promoting the night at the haymarket 12 til 3 with live music and mc’s…

  4. chrishunt1986 Says:

    you can now see the chattabox web site.. if that doesnt work

  5. Arn Says:

    Chatta.. i hope he become famous.. he got what he requir

  6. kam Says:

    gan on lads.. wel dun chris 4 takin da manager role nd chattabox u iz wiked.. strites

  7. john Says:

    whats good . . . dialect are sick, saw them live the other week n they blew me away! deffinatley worth checkin’ bought there first album off there website n its up there with the best of the uk.