Blufoot- The Ablution

April 29th, 2005

The album begins in a police station’s interview room as an officer asks Blufoot about the weed they found at his yard. The questioning is mixed up with some high quality scratching and cuts. Then after a freestyle recorded live, we’re into the first real track, ‘In This Jam’ by Riot. The beat is energetic and loud, and the rhyming is solid and listenable, even though Riots voice is quite similar to many other rappers and has little character which will distinguish it apart from most peers.

‘Intchaa!’ features the vocals of Infinite Livez and Marcus Explains. Their two styles complement one enough perfectly, as Livez delivers his typically unique and crazy personality drenched rhymes and Mr Explains stays further away from the left field.

‘My Biro’ is a story telling number by Mic Assassin from Elite Team. It’s entertaining and sustains the interest of the listener. It could quite easily be a single to be taken from the album and is a clear indication that the guest vocalist is very much a safe tip for the future.

Everybody’s favourite, Yungun aka Essa handles the vocals for the track ‘Alphabet Man’. It’s more of the same from the charismatic emcee and yet another boost on peoples anticipation for his debut album. His rhyming style suits the beat, which is quite mid tempo and of a really nice gentle base and sound effect.

Joker Starr guests on ‘Big Bang Theory’. Things start of quite slowly with fairly boring talkage but it gets more interesting once the track is in full flow. The rapper has a cool style and the beat has some great trumpets which are the highlight of the track.

A lesser known artist by the name of T.L. appears on ‘Big Issues’. His rhyming and voice in general is of tons of personality which works well over a headnodding beat.

Sway treats listeners to his style which seems to be what everyone is raving about at the moment on the track ‘Nathan Venus’. Having only heard one of his promo CD’s I’m still skeptical of the guy, mainly because of the amount of hype he’s been getting. That aside, the songs solid and the beat is great. There’s quite an atmospheric/dramatic deep baseline which is accompanied with a nice quiet drum loop.

Mystro joins Yung Blud on ‘Remember The Name’. The track begins with a dope hook which leads into strong verses over a quality beat which is strings based. ‘One in a million like number plates’ and ‘Tony Blair square headed chief followers’ are just a couple of the many lines on the verbally charged number. It’s a shame Mys didn’t drop a verse though.

‘If You Forgot’ starts with MI5 chanting their name in laddish style. The beat is one of the best on the album due to its really listenable loop which is a mixture of some impressively chosen drum sounds and a high-ish pitched tune that varies every so often. It’s quite a crew cut, due to its heavy chorus which all of the groups members seem to join in on. ‘Act smart like you got gcse’s but all you left school with was a bcg’ is my favourite line of the track. Oh, and the joke about Michael Douglas and his young wife.

Dduble Impacct featuring Laconic Sydz rap on ‘The Bum’. Guitars get things slowly started off whilst an interesting drum patterm warms up. The song’s inclusion works well alongside the rest of the album because it’s of a slightly different vibe.

Louie G featuring Dixie, Box Clever and Riot nears the end of the album with ‘One Step’. The subject matter is cool, largely because of its inspirational or positive chorus. All of the rapping is quality and impressive, and it’d be interesting to hear more material by this bunch of guys.

The album ends with ‘Whispers’ which features everyone on the album by this point, plus Scanky and Manage. Things start off nice and smoothly with some strings and the beat gradually builds up into a busier affair. With each rapper contributing a nice few bars, it’s a really well structured song and a great way to end an enjoyable album of many solid and worth while highlights. Even the four skits don’t damange the album, which is a raritie lately. Instead, they break things up short and sweetly in an amusing and delightful manor.