Quasimoto- The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

April 29th, 2005

Sampling from the most successful album of all time in the first 30 seconds of an LP (Thriller, Michael Jackson) is a brave thing, and signifies immense confidence. Ability is soon demonstrated, and then it’s stop and start enjoyment throughout the rest of the 26 track album.

All the rapping on here is by Quasimoto, otherwise known as Lord Quas. All the beats are by the cult followed producer Madlib. Nobody is sure as to who the rhymer is, hence his first album being called The Unseen. In fact, in the first track ‘Bullyshit’, you wouldn’t be a fool to think you were hearing a young Slim Shady with the flu. I’ve heard that it is actually the producer’s alter ego or rapper alias, but to avoid the risk of confusing myself any longer, I’ll drop this drawn out explanation.

The majority of the album is of a chilled attitude. There’s lots of gentle sounds used in the beats, such as the hollow drumming of ‘Hydrant Game’, the flute on ‘Bullyshit’, the warm baseline of ‘Civilization Day’ and the piano on the suitably titled ‘Strange Piano’.

Easy listening isn’t always provided with this collection of tracks, due to lots of strange snippets of sounds scattered throughout, making it hard for a radio or TV conditioned fan to fully appreciate things. If on the other hand, the listener’s are fans of the Def Jukies, Rhyme Slayers and Stone Throwers of this world, they’re likely to be happy.