Mc Abdominal

April 28th, 2005


One of the first artists to ever feature on this site takes time out from touring to answer some catch up questions.

All set for another thousand UK shows with DJ Format this summer?

Definitely (we’re in the middle of it right now…currently in Warwick).

Can you think of the biggest highlight of the touring from the last time round?

Really, the whole thing was one big highlight, but some of the more memorable events were Glastonbury, the J5 tour & opening up for Roy Ayers in London.

Were there any lowlights?

The constant road-life can get a bit taxing, but it still beats an office job!

Are you guys still gonna be throwing us crisps or have you got some new tricks up your sleeves?

Strictly new tricks…come to the show to check out the new routine.

How many years of training goes into pulling off the interactive freestyling where you walk around rhyming about people’s appearance?

I don’t really consider it formal training or anything, I’ve just been freestyling for a long time (be it on stages or in the shower).

What’s your record for rapping non stop without breath so far?

I just recorded a single-breath 16 bar verse (after about 800 takes).

Have you ever turned blue and passed out during that section of the live show?

No, but I think I’ve been close to giving myself a hernia.

Has the tour touched down in Canada and how do the UK crowds compare to those abroad?

No, we’re pretty much sticking to the UK & Europe, but it’s been my experience that crowds over here (UK) tend to go a little more crazy than back home (maybe it’s all the pints).

How was the experience of working again with Format on his new LP?

Great as always.

Do you think the album’s hotter than the first?

I honestly like them both.

Did you guys make many tracks which we’ve yet to be lucky enough to hear?

No, we pretty much use everything we make. Even if a track isn’t on the album, it’ll show up as a 12” B-side.

Can you name your most favourite song which you’ve put out so far?

They’re all different, but I was pretty happy with Rap Machine & I like Ugly Brothers.

How far away is the solo Abdominal album and have you got a label lined up for that yet?

I’m about halfway done as far as the music is concerned. Hopefully PIAS (Matt’s label) will put it out when this new Format record has run it’s course (maybe in a year’s time).

Could you let us in on some of the tracks you think will be included?

I’ll give you 1 scoop…we (Fase & I) just finished “Flyer Antics”.

Is the production mainly gonna be handled by DJ Fase and Format?

Yeah, they’ll be doing the bulk of the production & then I’ll be bringing some other special guests on board as well.

Right now, what artist would you most dig the opportunity to collaborate with?

I’m trying to track down Chali 2na, but he’s a busy man.

Did you check out the film ‘Supersize Me’ and how did that effect your fast food inclinations?

I saw it and I have cut down on my fast food intake, but not so much ‘cuz of the movie…more because it’s too easy to eat it every day on tour, so I’m trying to make a conscious effort to eat a bit healthier.

Do you wanna drop any shout out’s or messages to end this on?

Not really, just see everybody at the shows & festivals this summer!

4 Responses to “Mc Abdominal”

  1. Michael Bernstein Says:

    I’m Andy’s cousin, the one and only- MC ABDOMINAL. And I just wanna say you’re awesome, and keep doing your thing.


  2. James Says:

    Is MC Abdominal white or black because he sounds black… Anyway one of the tightest voices I’ve heard in a long time! Peace Out.

  3. Wingz Says:

    He’s most definetly white.

  4. Gab Says:

    yo Andy remember me …..... just wanna know if you can make a rap with me and my bro in it..just to let you know we really miss you man hope you can come down to Ottawa for the holidays… anyways peace man keep on doing what you do best