Focused Few- Mars And Back

April 26th, 2005

Focused Few is an eight piece hip-hop collective from London, signed to Dented Records, alongside the mightly Foreign Beggars. This is their forthcoming EP, hitting the shelves in July, which has lots good going for it.

The title track is a mixture of lots of sounds, which take a few close listens to fully be able to describe. There’s some jazz piano vibes in there, some funky and subtle baseline, simple but effective drums, a great trumpet (I think!) and a really catchy, impressive chorus which is sung by the rapper and a group of female voices. The rhyming is by a smooth, deep and captivating voice which executes lyrics that aren’t obviously about a particular subject, but that are dope.

The next track is ‘Kick That’. Comprising of bass, guitar and turntables, the vocals are once again smooth and easy on the ear. The track’s got a rootsy, live band vibe to it which attracts the head to nod. Turned up real loud, the song’s suitable for the car or house party. Simmered down low, it’s a nice chilling/make out number.

‘The Goodness’ is a busier track as far as production is concerned. It begins with some cuts and launches into a smooth deep baseline, a catchy chorus and solid drum pattern. The rhyming is elevated a little here, and is more interesting on the ear as a result. Background vocals and the switching back and forth of the two rappers works well. This could easily have been the title track of the whole release.

The EP contains two skits and instrumentals of the first two tracks. It’s very promising stuff, which immediately attracted me into wanting to see them live, due to the instrument based sound. It’s a type of group I don’t think the UK has had for a while, which deserve a decent publicity push and positive public reaction.

One Response to “Focused Few- Mars And Back”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    Until you’ve seen Focused Few live, you haven’t heard anything yet.
    Focused Few are Organic Hip Hop at its finest. All the cats in this crew are mad talented! so watch out for them….