Son Records- The Last Word

April 26th, 2005

This is a really slick release, with great art work and packaging. The CD’s are dope too! Basically, the record label have been putting out dope music for years. Pushing the likes of artists such as Cappo, DPF, Styly Cee, Pitman, Wordsmith and others, it’s maintained quality control and professional work ethic for time. To celebrate this, are the two CD’s inside. One covers all the material released between 1998 and 2003. The second disc brings things to the present, showcasing product of 2004.

On disc one, the talented Styly Cee contributes two tracks, C-Mone does too, whilst Quakes, Midnyte, UK Kartel and HKB Finn also join in on the celebration. Cappo’s self produced track ‘Gigamesh’ from ‘The Codex’ EP is the standard dopeness you can expect from the enchanting rhymer. The Nottz man joins Frisco, Navigator, Don 1, Voyager, Terra and D-Luv on the Mad Doctor crew cut ‘Se7en’.

Disc two includes C-Mone’s biggest track ‘Stan Back’, the solid Tom Caruana produced ‘Nomad’ by the ever impressive Wordsmith, three dope Def Tex numbers and a Styly Cee collaboration with the outstanding Scorzayzee called ‘Want Whats Yours’ which is possibly the highlight. The tracks are an indication of the continued consistency of the label which shows no signs of slipping.

The album title is perhaps ironic in that rather than put a full stop on the record label’s output, the release actually stands as something of an indicator that they’re already released gems, and as recently as the past year, have continued this. They haven’t put out their last words because forthcoming albums such as Wordsmith’s and C-Mone’s, will surely make a lot of noise going on the evidence here. It’s a nice idea for a compilation and great slap in the sleepy face for anyone who hasn’t checked out the label until now.