Def Tex- Freaks

April 26th, 2005

This quarter marks the release of the Norfolk crew’s three track EP, ‘Freaks’. It all begins with the interesting sounding ‘Freaks’ produced by themselves. The beat’s quite simple but has some really enjoyable electronic sounds and effects scattered throughout. The rhyming is good and suits the production by not being too energetic or complex, but more chilled and straight forward.

On the B side of the vinyl is ‘Falling’ which is produced by Chrome, who also emcee’s on the previous track. Things are quite electronically based again, but there’s more going on and the production is generally more busy and layered. The song starts with a loosely sung intro before the verses of rap begin. The subject matter is that of love, but it’s not corny or overly boastful. It’s easy on the ear and a warm experience.

The final track is ‘Village Idiot’ which features Dan D. Lion. Produced by rapper The Anthropologist, things start with a very chilled little music sample. Things build up gradually, via thumping beats and soft keys. The hook is catchy, the rhyming is again good, whilst the use of a high pitched singing sample creates an interesting atmosphere.

It’s a cool release over all, and refreshing to hear something a little different. It’s quite rural and laid back, ideal for a chilled live performance which could work really well, and suit Glastonbury Festival nicely. The EP’s out now on Son Records. Be on the look out for the music video of the title track.