June 11th, 2003


All the gossip on the forthcoming album from the group, including their line up change and moving record labels.

What have the group been up to since the first album dropped and now?

Probe Mantis: At the tail end of the last album cycle we did a bunch of collabs., stuff with Quantic, Format and others. We toured hard then got our heads down and wrote the next LP. Every one of us is so focused now, we are aware of the opportunity we’ve created for ourselves and we won’t bugger that up for love nor money. That’s why we haven’t rushed out with new material, we’re trying to make the right decisions every step of the way. Onwards and upwards mothafuckazz…

El Eye: Since LP 1 we’ve been learning music and song writing, just listening to a lot of good music, studying like Karate kid. We realized we needed to up our game if we wanted to do this for life, this LP has taken us 2 years for a reason, people will hear that when it drops. The next LP will make impact on the music scene as a whole it’s still Hip Hop from bollocks to brains but is Hip hop like you’ve NEVER HEARD IT!

What direction will the second LP take?

Probe Mantis: The next LP has taken a very musical direction, plenty of singles and strong songs. We’re actually very conscious dudes, something we didn’t highlight last time round. That was for a reason; See, we gained a lot of listeners by not not force feeding certain issues. This time you’ll hear more serious issues being discussed. We’re drip feeding genuine Hip Hop en masse. That way we can further the culture more effectively than most.

Are the lyrics going to remain comical, or tackle serious current affairs and shit?

El: The comedy in our songs is far greater in the ears of the listeners than in our minds when writing. If you actually work out how much content is funny it’s around 30% and that shit’s usually there to mask a much darker social commentary. 10 points to the first reader who can tell me what We Get Fowl is really about. There is definitely a more serious edge to LP2, but its all personal we don’t do politics that’s up to the listener, were trying to communicate our lives not our opinions.

When can fan’s expect to hear the new material?

Probe Mantis: Its all a waiting game, this new LP should be in your hands in the new year, You’ll hear a single prior to that though, plus some guest spots on forthcoming singles. We just recorded a posse cut with Numskullz, its got the bulk of Bristol’s rhyming talent on it, plus we did a cut with Top Rocking, a Parisian group. We’re doing more tracks with Quantic, and Format remixed one of our new tracks (plus he remixed Charity Shop Soundclash). All of these will be out soon so check ‘em.

Is the line up the same, if not who’s gone and who’s arrived?

El: Bubba has left nearly a year ago now, so it’s old news to us, he was basically fucked off with the UK Hip Hop scene and has gone to do his own thing. New boy Monkey moo is fucking ill, he’s far more than just a beatboxer, he can cut/rhyme/cook and clean. he brings a whole new dynamic to both on stage and in studio.

What’s the main reasons for the label change? What’s the new label and how much happier are you guys with it?

Probe Mantis: We had to move on from Hombre because it could only take us so far, we couldn’t possibly get to where we’re going on that label. El; We can’t talk about our new label til the cheque’s in the bank…

Which artists are you digging both domestically and abroad right now?

El Eye: The reaction to Correct English was a shock, we were never interested in becoming “the big thing in UK Hip Hop’ or whatever the mags lead everybody to believe, we just wanted to make a tough LP that DIDN’T sound like a stereotypical UK Hip Hop release. We don’t give a fuck about competing in the UK Hip hop scene. it’s fair to say that we became open to a far larger audience with more varied musical tastes and so saw the big picture. 

Who’s responsible for inspiring you to become Aspects?

El: I’m influenced by a lot of Jackie Mittoo, The Bees, Little Barrie and Bluesey weird shit at the moment, when it comes to Hip Hop, MF DOOM MF DOOM MF DOOM! 

Probe Mantis: My sentiments exactly, that’s the shit we bump in my Fiesta… 

When the hell is the website gonna be fixed?

Probe Mantis: ...As for our website, that’ll be up sooner rather than later, when the campaign kicks off… to all the web heads- our apologies- I rarely look at computers, but hold tight, it’ll soon come… Peeaace