March 18th, 2005

Middle class rap fans go wild, as we bring you the first instalment of the UK hip-hop dictionary of slang. Whether you’re a posh boy trying to act street or an Eastenders script writer developing a character ‘from the ghetto’, you’ll find this page useful in understanding some of the words and phrases often found on UK rap releases, which you wont see in the Oxford Dictionary or your English Lit GCSE paper. Enjoy.

Allow (It) – As in ‘Forget it, don’t worry about it’.

Aggy – Feeling aggravated or aggressive. EG. Pissed off.

Bare – Measurement of many. EG. There’s bare girls at this disco.

Blud – An affectionate term to refer to a friend. EG. Mate, Boss, Geeza.

Bun – Otherwise referred to as marijuana, weed, puff etc. Bunning- The act of smoking it.

Chung – A state of mind aided by marijuana. EG. High, Buzzing, Stoned.

Dred – To express displeasure of something. Short for dreadful. EG. This rain is dred.

Feds – The police, pigs, blue…

Heavy – Something good or impressive. EG. This tune is heavy.

Innit – EG. I agree ol’ chap.

Jankrowville – Used to describe a far from desired environment.

Long – Used to refer to something as being time consuming or a nuisance. EG. You’re taking ages. You’re being long.

Murk – Act of violence.

Parrowdice – An environment of paranoia.

Para – Being paranoid. EG. ‘Police drove by and I got para.’

Rar – An excited reaction EG. Wow, Damm, Oh my good gosh!

Riddim – Another way to pronounce ‘rhythm’. Usually used to refer to the general production of a track.

Safe – Used to express appreciation, or general recognition. EG. Someone does someone a favour and is therefore ‘safe’, or a friend has just turned up or left, to which you’d say to them ‘safe’.

Seen – Indication of understanding. EG. Gotcha, OK, I see.

Sweet – EG. Great, Oh goody!

Wah Blow – Refer to the song of the same name by Taskforce. ‘If the police pull you over, wah blow’.

What’s Gwannin – A welcoming question. EG. How you doing? What’s going on?

Yard – Somebody’s home. EG. Chilling at my yard.

Zoot – Otherwise known as a joint, or as your folks might call it- A marijuana cigarette.

Know slang that isn’t listed here? E-mail it in!

One Response to “Slang”

  1. posta brookly new york Says:

    some new slang for yall dudes from the U.K.Nah-no.E.G Nah dont do that Chill-calm down.E.G chill son it aint that serious