Iron Bridge

May 5th, 2004

Iron Bridge

Want to know about the line-up, origins, production, what’s in the pipe line and a twisted fascination in freaks and midgets? Look inside.

For the newbies, who is Iron Bridge?

Iron Bridge are Jibba and Dirty Verbals (me). We took our name from the place where us and the HUman Vermin Crew, or the Uncatchables as they were called then, used to knock about when we were teenage thugs. The Iron Bridge is right by the station in our home town of shoebury, so its like Iron Bridge represents us being ourselves, we’re real people, not no phoney philosophers or fake rudebwoys like alotta heads today. We started rhyming together in ‘95,just for love and we put out our first 12” ‘U Cant Do it’ in early 2002, then we just kept it going from there.

Where’s the name Iron Bridge come from?

Weren’t you just listenin? Come on, pay attention!

Self producing your material?

In the professional sense we produce every track ourselves, in the sense of layout, arrangement, funding etc. As far as beat making, well that’s something were both starting to get into now, with Jibba doing the beat to ‘Ghostwriters’-featured on Excalibahs mix CD, which will also be on our next EP ‘U Still Cant Do It’,coming out on vinyl soon, and myself producing a track called ‘Bada-Bang’ featuring a local artist named Change, which will be on the forthcoming Iron Bridge Records ‘anti-bling’ compilation. I’ve also produced a beat for a new rapper called Split, he’s one to watch out for in the near future too. But other than that we’ve generally incorporated the beat-making talents of local producers like DJ Pager, Illson from Phonetics, Jai-Mez from Headzache, Big Smoke Magazine’s DJ Terror and many more.

Being on your own Label, would you have it any other way?

Its a question that’s often asked, yet it never gets any easier to answer. It can be very difficult and strenuous running everything yourself coz it takes over your everyday life, financially more than anything. But if things run smoothly it feels good to know that you’ve done it all yourself. Its a real sense of accomplishment, but its a lot of hard work- there’s a lot of expenses involved that people take for granted.

For those that don’t know, what can they buy?

Well. right now you can only get our album ‘Toilet Humour’ on CD because of problems with the company pressing the vinyl (don’t ask, its been stress since November last year), but that’s available through as well as various other stockists. Our ‘U Cant Do it’ EP is now officially sold out, but we’ve got a couple of new releases coming soon such as ‘U Still Cant Do It’ which is a 6 track vinyl only EP and a compilation CD that I mentioned earlier. We’ll have some new videos up on Channel U soon and possibly a DVD later in the year. Right now though you can also get my man DJ Pagers new 12” ‘the Product’ with Iron Bridge claiming the title track, and we’ll be bringing out an EP/album with Ill Psychosis soon too.

What’s the most enjoyable part, recording or gigging?

Id say both, but we tend to favour recording coz its something you can keep at everyday, whereas doing shows isn’t usually a Monday night occurrence. It depends though, there’s nothing like the feeling of rocking a venue, but its rough when you do a shit one where the PA system keeps fucking up or whatever. See if you’re in the studio you can go back and re-record your verse if its wrong, where as if a gig goes tits then that’s it its done, and the crowd might go home like ‘them lot aint all that’.

What’d you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Probably making the video to ‘Dance for ya Daddy’ and getting it played on TV. We had a proper small budget for the video, yet enough people have said they think its the best UKHH video they’ve ever seen. We had a small following after our first EP, but that video really made people take notice of us.

Have you got anything in the pipe line?

Other than the stuff I mentioned earlier, we’re both working on solo EPs, probably gonna do some more tracks with the Vermin crew, were doing a collabo EP with the colony, they’re one crew I’m feeling right now, gonnna be working with Apocraphe, Kalibre and Mike S and basically doing tracks with whoever’s up for doing things with us and comes to us with a safe attitude.

Are there any live dates people can be checking for?

Were doing Grhyme in Reading, I think that’s on the 13th of May, with terra firma on the same bill, club 2K in Penzance on the 31st of July, got something in Bristol coming up, couple around Essex. Check the Big Smoke Magazine website regularly for confirmation coz we sometimes get dates posted up on there.

Big fans of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?

Not especially, more just fascinated by freaks and midgets, hence the oompa-loompa thing.

Will you be watching the Johnny Depp remake?

Didn’t know there was one, but yes-why not.

What’s the situation between you and Chester P?

The situation was between Full Cream from Phonetics and Chester at the hip-hop awards, when it all started going off we just stood in defence of our mate, same as anyone else would. The next day it was forgotten about as far as we were concerned, its only these little faggots that spend their lives on internet forums that wanted to drag it out further.

Who are your top influences, hip-hop wise or other?

This is the part where the underground rappers say ‘Big Daddy Kane’ and the jig masters say ‘Biggie and Tupac’ right? Well, I wouldn’t want to do anything that cliché, so I’ll say Chino XL is definitely an old Iron Bridge favourite, Gunshot are the greatest UK rappers so far and System of a Down are the best thing outside of Hip-Hop. a few other heads we rate: Slick Rick, Thirsten Howell III, Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Gravediggaz (6 feet deep), Dark Circle, Das Efx, etc.etc.etc….

Any words you want to throw out into cyber space?

Buy our album and CUNT, just for shock value.

Cheers, it’s much appreciated man.

No thanks necessary. All in a days work. Peep the site at Bookings/contact;

4 Responses to “Iron Bridge”

  1. Emma Collin Says:

    Hi Iron Bridge. Just been reading this article and I feel I must take a little credit for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stuff!! Think Jibba (I believe that is the right one of the two!) will probably remember our rants about that damn film from when I worked with him (hopefully he’ll remember!!). That idiot Charlie Bucket and his grateful face!! Well a pretty pointless reply I know, I just wanted to pass a big howdee to you both. :-)

  2. darren pitney Says:

    jus gottas say iron bridge r the best n cant wait to hear some new stuff from u guys, u cant do it, wot a track its amazing i love it got ya album and jibbas, dirty verbs hurry n release 1, whens the new 6 track ep out i want it!! big up iron bridge and trhe whole essex crew u guys rock the whole hiphop thing!!1111

  3. Tony Says:

    Sickest UK group. Can’t wait for everything in the near future. Heard Jibba is making a new album “maggot brain” or something like that and a album produced by Pager. Can’t wait gonna be sick!

  4. scott Says:

    Just fought id say that your music is quite addictive, ive been listening to your music for quite a while, but ive only got your first album, got to say like tony your probaly the sickest uk group by far, and ill be listening out peace…....