DL Incognito

May 12th, 2004

DL Incognito

Curious to know more about the guy behind one of Channel U’s best videos, I got hold of this Canadian rapper to find out what he was all about.

For those that know little, tell us the background to DL Incognito. When did you start rapping? What have you released etc?

I Started rapping in 98’, but I didn’t really take it seriously until about 2000 when we formed Nine Planets Records, we released our first compilation album “Welcome to the Land of the Lost” in 2001, that got everything started locally, we then realised a 12inch single for “Spit Forever”, that started my buzz in the underground in Canada, the USA and the UK. We followed that up with about 3 other 12 inch singles to lead up to my first solo album “A Sample And A Drum Machine” in 2002, but the records didn’t really hit the shelves till 2003 when we filmed the video for “Spit Forever 2” and “Rugged Raw”.

How did you come up with your artist name?

DL Incognito stands for “delivering lyrics on the low” cuz most people don’t know me, and probably never will.

Are you familiar with the UK scene over here? What artists and producers are you feeling? I saw that you worked with Shortcallers.

To be honest I’m not really familiar with the UK scene, we’re trying to get out there to really put some work down in your market, from what I’ve herd its similar to Canada’s scene, still very independent from majors.

What’s your connections with Wolftown Recordings and are you gonna be concentrating much on breaking England?

Wolftown gave us an opportunity to get a 12 inch released in the UK through their label, we are definitely trying to break into the UK, Europe…the whole world if we could, I really feel that hip-hop is becoming a global community, we are trying to come and tour the UK in 2004, so all UK promoters should hit us up!

How would you describe or classify your music?

Just as good music, I feel that I represent for the people that live hip-hop culture, I enjoy all aspects of hip-hop.

As well as the quality flow, what struck me about your material is the awesome production. Who’s behind the beats?

I do a lot of production myself, but I also have a team of producers that I work with, Techtwelve and the Beatsmiths, that’s all for now…

Are you content with all the different rap terms such as underground, conscious, organic…or in your ideal world would you simply prefer to be known as ‘rapper’?

I think the term underground is a fairly new term, in 92, 93, everything was just hip-hop, but today, rap has invaded the mainstream, so artist like myself that don’t fit the radio format are considered underground, I think good music should just be good music, but I know that the music I do is classed as underground hip-hop.

A lot of Brits are familiar with MC Abdominal through his work with our own DJ Format. Like the guys stuff?

I’ve never heard his material, but I’ll check it out…

Which records would you say have been the greatest inspirations in making you who you are today?

I’m most inspired by A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Low End Of The Theory”. I played that record a thousand times over. I still play it today. That’s the type of music that never dies cuz it relates to everyone.

Has anything else been an influence over your work, books film etc?

Not really, all reading consists of studio gear…

Do a bit of graff and breaking once in a while or stick strictly to the mic?

Well I used to break dance back in the days, but you won’t catch me doing any of that at my shows, just beats and rhymes.

What’d you say your live shows were like and is there any chance of you playing London/UK some time soon?

My live show has often been referred to as A trip down memory lane, you get beats, rhymes and life. No gimmicks just straight hip-hop.

The ‘Spit Forever 2’ video is getting some nice airplay on our most decent hip-hop station ‘Channel U’. Any other visual treats up your sleeves?

We did a video for “Rugged Raw” that hasn’t been released in the UK, but in North America it got lots of rotation on MTV Canada, MTV2 and Muchmusic, We’re filming a new video for a track called “Proof” for my new album at the end of May.

Anything you wanna shout out to all the UK readers?

Yeah, thanks for your support, hopefully we can lock a full distro deal to really make a push in your market…

Thanks a lot again for your time. Take care and keep up the dope work!

Thank you for putting me on your site…Peace dlincognito.com

2 Responses to “DL Incognito”

  1. matt vigs Says:

    yo man i’m a big fan od your music i love it my favourite song is audio coke kepp producing. PEACE i’m from north bay just near toronto

  2. alex Says:

    DL is def. in my top 5, best all time. keep it up