DJ Maniphest

June 16th, 2004

DJ Maniphest

Sticking with the ‘DJ who speaks with his hands’, Maniphest gives us a short chat on amongst other things, his intentions for a certain someone to collaborate with Jehst!

For those that don’t know, who the bloody hell are ya?

I’m DJ MANIPHEST - scratch DJ, Recording artist, Producer and Father of Two.

How long have you been putting out material and what’s been your biggest highlight so far?

I’ve been putting out tracks here and there since 1999 and my biggest highlight so far has been being featured on two volumes of Bomb Hip-Hop USA’s legendary ‘Return of the DJ’ series.

Are you working on anything in particular at the moment and what’s it like? Release date?

Watch out for new MANIPHEST material any time soon – its just back to the boom bap we all know and love.

What would you say is your greatest work to date and why?

My greatest work was probably the simple but effective Scratch Samba on Fat City recordings because everyone loved it who heard it worldwide.

Which other folks on the scene are you really feeling?

Harry Love, Blade, Yungun, Thes One (PUTS) , Beyond There, Ugly Duckling, Phi Life Cypher, Starving Artists.

Ever thought of collaborating with peeps, and who?

Yeah me and Blade will be doing a duet sometime soon and expect more madness with Yoda, Mr Thing and others. Hopefully Salvo and Jehst will be appearing on a track too.

Are you still based in Milton Keynes? What’s the scene like there? Anything worth checking out?

Yes my family are based in Milton Keynes and there is loads to check out – unfortunately none of it is Hip Hop related. The ‘scene’ is non existent except for a few local crews and there are no club nights – music wise its a drought but its a nice place to live.

Have you got any regular spots where you can be heard?

I am all over the place (Spread Love, Breakin Bread, Kung FU etc)

Live dates coming up?

Live wise I will be doing a few dates with Blade as his tour DJ and popping up here and there.

Who’d you say is your main inspiration that gave you the definative kick up the ass to cut a record?

My main inspiration is just the lack of decent material around and wanting to hear some quality Hip Hop.

Any words of sympathy for all of us bums who can only afford budget range belt drivens?

Yeah get credit cards

Some of the equipment you can buy nowadays (lottery winning permitting) is crazy. Do you stick to the basics or dabble with all that modern stuff?

I have the Vestax PDX2000’s as well as Technics 1210’s just because they are fun and unskippable also a Denon DNS3000 CD turntable again just for fun. I think every man loves gadgets and new toys so yeah if I can afford it I will dabble.

Anything else to say for yaself?

Yeah thanks for the interview please check my website for more info and updates as and when the new stuff emerges.