July 1st, 2004


Alex of the promising new double act chats about performing at Glastonbury, the forthcoming album, the struggle of getting exposure and the powers that be misunderstanding it all

The Glade Stage at Glastonbury Festival is a place fairly hidden from the majority of the platforms for artists. It’s beneath some tree’s, across an entire camping field and audience space, not to mention the rows of stalls selling freshly fried donuts. It’s where festival goers tend to end up to hear musicians less hyped than the big headliners on The Pyramid Stage and has, throughout the many years of the festive weekend, earned its reputation as a place where you’re guaranteed to find top quality music without the glitz and glamour. This year Acarine stepped onto the Glade. It’s fair to say that the majority of the crowd didn’t know how to pronounce their name, let alone know who they were and what they were about. It quickly changed. Be sure to check out the reviews section for the low down of the music and the following Q&A’s session with group member Alex. I’ll leave you with the words of a guy in the audience who clearly didn’t hold prior knowledge of Acarine. “This fucking rocks”.

When I saw that you were signed to Roadrunner Records I was half expecting the 12” to be messed up rock rap. How did the signing come about?

That came about after the MD heard the single God Shoots Jesus Saves himself. He heard that one track and told his people he wanted us. We are actually coming out on CNR which is an offshoot of RR. It has Canibus, Oynx, Brand Nubians, C Murder to name a few!

Half way through the year and there’s already been a 12” and a part in a new Elijah Woods film. What’s the second six months going to see?

Well we have just played the Glastonbury festival which was bad as…..We played the Glade at 2 o clock on the Friday afternoon and had it! We are dropping a single called ‘Screw Your Head On’ at the end of August and the album ‘Call It On’ in September and hopefully doing lots of shows.

What can be expected from your live performances? Will there be bodily fluids flying around such as those at your label mates gigs? (Okay, I’ll drop the Slipknot thing now).

Live, we play out with our DJ, Scratch 22 and The Earthquake Paul Kodish on drums who is one of the baddest drummers you’ll hear. Brett and I just go for it onstage and have a party…you gotta have the party!

What’s the next release? Can you give away any gossip on the album and what we can expect? Producers, Guest spots etc.

The album Call It On is a very British affair. Hopefully there’s a lot of stuff on there people will be able to relate to. We recorded, wrote and produced it ourselves.

I won’t front and make out I’ve known about you guys for a long time. What’s your take on the work load of getting exposure in the close knit UK scene?

Its hard man. Probably tougher than ever. You just gotta keep working. Keep shouting till somebody listens!

It seems very much based on affiliation and who is friends with who. Mates with any of the buzz names and any collaborations in store?

Can’t say too much but we might be doing a track with a US hip hop pioneer, a legend even…but its early days!

What music, hip-hop or otherwise, gets played around your HQ? Are you all for sticking a middle finger up at boundaries and mixing rap with whatever else?

My favourite non hip hop artist is Morrissey. Always has been, long long before the media this year jumped on the bandwagon and lorded him. His lyrics are unique.

On a scale of one to ten, how pissed off do you get when “urban” acts like The Streets and Big Brovaz get good chart positions and labelled as England’s take on hip-hop?

Err…11? I just don’t get the whole Streets thing. It’s bizarre how its become so big. It says nothing to me personally, or my band.

Sometimes it just feels like the whole media, from TV to radio to newspapers, refuse to acknowledge the UK hip-hop scene and its depth of quality acts. Will this ever change and how possibly could it?

If enough new artists keep pushing and striving they will have to listen in the end…Its just gotta be original enough to bust the doors down and keep the teeney bopper pop idols out of the way!

Got a controversial end note to leave this Q&A’s on?

I daren’t. I’ve already had shows cancelled because they think we condone football hooligans just because we chat about ‘em…..They’re probably watching me as I speak. and then Pete Waterman and Simon Cowell entered the room with a squad of body guards and escorted the poor lad away. But I’m sure he’ll be back, so keep checking for the latest.