Buck 65

August 2nd, 2004

Buck 65

A quick Q&A’s with the one they call Buck. His brief take on the Canadian hip-hop scene, some UK gig dates + hardware and how to fund it. Not to mention just how much he enjoyed the questions. Hmm…

How did the name Buck 65 come about?

My Dad gave me the name. I don’t entirely know why. He’s a bit of a weirdo. You’d have to ask him.

What project/s are you currently working on?

Two books. Next album. A robot.

I saw that you once met Allen Ginsberg. A big poetry fan?

Big poetry fan. Neruda. Rilke. EE. Bukowski.

How close are the art forms of written poetry and hip-hop?

Not close at all. I don’t think you could publish any hip hop lyrics I’ve ever heard…

What do you want people to say of your discography when you’ve retired?

If they say anything at all it will mean I’m remembered and that’s enough.

How did you find the experience of performing at Glastonbury?

Exciting. Wet. Saw some good bands. Parts of it were confounding.  

What’s the best, most enjoyable part of doing a routine gig?

Well, there’s no such thing as a routine gig. But, watching people’s faces is the best. Seeing them smile or sometimes cry…  

Are there any more UK dates approaching?

More touring in August. More festivals – Reading/Leeds, Pokelpopp in Belgium and Rock en Seine in Paris and more club dates in York, Liverpool and Cardiff.

What hardware do you use the most to create your music?

SP 1200. A computer. Guitar. A piano.  

How could a young aspiring artist fund his first MPC?

Mowing lawns. That’s what I did.  

Who are you currently dreaming of collaborating with?


What’s the latest hip-hop release you bought? Any good?

The Dr. Octagon record in 96. It’s great. Nothing since.

How’d you summarize the scene in Canada?

The hip hop scene? Pretty dull. Same as everywhere.

What other Canadian artists do you recommend?

I just like DJ’s. A-track, Kid Koala, Dopey, Skratch Bastid.  

Always stuck to the music or dabbled in breaking and graffiti?

I started out as a bboy…that was 20 years ago.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bored have I made yo with these Q’s?

It’s the best thing to happen to me so far today.