August 15th, 2004


Possible songs to cover in the future, the art of dunking biscuits and how hiphop is in 2004. The most underground (literally) UK MC gets in touch to share with us his thoughts.

What have you been up to?

Mind ya business.

Is Jamie Oliver still the ultimate twat? And who’s giving him a close run for his money?

No, the twat race is on in 2004. If there were team leader twats, he would be one.

Your last appearances were a result of you finding the shite-ness level quite high. What’s the shite-o-meter saying and when’s your next release?

I might release something soon. I keep things quiet. Ya never know what’s coming or when. You’ll have to wait.

What are your favourite and worst hip-hop acts?


How do you rate Goldie Lookin Chain?

I haven’t heard anything by them but I’m sure it’s really really good. I’m sure it’s not true what they say that they’re just like a manufactured boy band.

Some of your tracks have used the beats of old tunes. What’d you like to cover next?

I don’t know. I could do a remake of Poppa Large by Ultra Magnetic MC’s. “Big shout on east coast”.

Roughly how many packets of biscuits do you get through in a week? What’s your favourite munch?

I’m on a diet this month.

If you had to choose a celebrity to invite to your pit for tea and biscuits, who’d it be and why?

I don’t like celebs as a rule so I’d just drink on my own.

How do you master the art of dunking a biscuit in your tea so that it doesn’t get too soggy and drop to the bottom of the mug?

Don’t be a cock and just dip and bite. Swallow. It’s not rocket science mate. If ya buy no frills biscuits you’ll have problems. Stick to digs and hobs.

What do you think about UK hip-hop in 2004?

Better than American hip hop. There’s still heaps of shite out there. Watch Channel U for evidence, but most of those don’t even get pressed up. There is some strong talent out there making good records and vids, also on channel U. Keep the shit levels down a bit.

Would you like to collaborate with anyone, hip-hop or otherwise and what do you think the result would be?

No, I collaborate with mi sen.

What are you gonna do once you’ve answered these questions?

Do something useful.