Fugazi Rum

September 14th, 2004

Mic Assassin

Group member Mosman took time out to answer Marks questions about the name of his group, a collaboration with Kope, Illegal Aid, new releases and what’s next.

What’s the history behind Fugazi Rum?

 Fugazi was brought up by huss he invented the name image and sound, I was obviously bringing the sort of style he needed but he had to push me that every bit further each time to get it and with filla as well ,we r all big characters and all like to have our say,sometimes it got very challenging I an’t got a clue how the Wu tang survived they must have had the same trouble u know what us artist r like…

Why “Fugazi Rum”, What does it mean?

Fugazi mean all messed up and rum means odd we just stuck with that because it explained our characters and music up in one….plus love supping dark rum!

How did the Kope collabos come about?

I meet kope at rawganics at scissor tongue 2002 battles we was both in it ,we didn’t battle each other but we both got beat by the winner,U know kope character sticks out I got his number we chatted a few times then he linked up, I think our styles compliment each other both grimmey I can c plenty more appearances in the future.

Can you drink him under the table?

Not stella that geezers sick I would have to get him on the rum, I wouldn’t put cash on it but id more fancy my chance on rum. What’s up with the new release. black & suspicious 5 track EP featuring few guest chemo,syanyde,ben smith,kope and filla production by huss on most tracks not forgetting myself raping, think its our strongest yet some old stuff on this 2 but I find good tracks timeless.  

How did you get involved with Illegal aid?

Huss met chemo when my mate was trying to sell a documentary for channel 4 about graffiti artist and hip-hop he sent a demo in and they got chatting after..me and chemo r good friends syanyde,conflicts great people down to earth but on top of their game from now since they first surfaced they all come on a lot, all the heads r watching or working with them boyz….  

What’s your fav track on the EP?

HHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmm that’s tricky not sure out of them tracks hard to pick they all hold their weight with me for different reasons, but to b picky I say dealers stealers its just original no one’s on that tip

Why didn’t you get this release pressed on color vinyl like the last two (White would have worked)?
We got all the first 2 releases pressed in praha its a lot cheaper for colored records over their even after the import, but the last one took ages we waited 3 and a halve months to get our records back, so this time I just got them done in England anyway what’s wrong with black u racist ha ha ….cheaper option at the end of the day..

How do you see this EP going?

I’m pretty confident our fan base wont b disappointed weather we pick up anymore off the back of this I’m not sure, if I new how to make music that every one liked id b printing notes with my head on. At the mo I’m just doing my thing and I’d hope that who ever appreciates I work hard for this…

Are you working on anything now?

Been busy doing the business side of things really but hopefully I got some thing’s lined up look out for idiot box should b featuring on a track or 2…also you should be seeing a lot more of filla his just been signed to vibez based in London linked with “Subject 13” so look out for big tings all round.

Shout outs/Promo messages?

Big up johnny cocktail for all his work an efforts! same to huss illegal aid.,underground alliance,spitfire,dirty stop outs lofty rawganics anyone putting effort into their music and enjoying it, check out the vid also for backstabber clubmix if u c that down on channel u vote for it!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The name Fugazi is copyrighted by a band from the 80’s.