Pedigree Chumps

March 2nd, 2005

Pedigree Chumps

The Manchester based crew talk about how they got together, past and present projects, dogging, drinking and tons more.

For the newbies, how long have you been making hiphop and what releases are out there for us to pick up?

CRF, As the Pedigree Chumps, the 3 of us (Crf, Noz & Pressure) have been together since the start of 2002 working on tracks but we were all doing our own thing way before that. For me personally, I started writing lyrics and rhyming way back at the start of the 1990s. I actually got into Hiphop about 1987. I was making demos in the early 90s with some of me old mates such as Mc Wayne D who’s a proper early 80s old skool Hiphop head. We never pressed anything up, just made demo cds etc and messed around. Its only really over the last few years that we’ve decided to put out our own releases on a little label we set up called Tonedef/Critical Beatdown.. The first Pedigree Chumps EP entitled “Up Norf Hiphop Heads” is available on vinyl and CD for those who haven’t yet got it.. You can order it direct from ..The new Eps almost ready..

How did you guys get together and where abouts are you based?

CRF, Well me and DJ Pressure have known each other, again since the early 90s. I used to see him hanging around the Hiphop spots all the time in Manchester, then a few years later we lost contact for a couple of years until he got my email address off somebody. As for Noz, I think it was through my old Critical Beatdown Magazine that we met up. He got my details out of that and got in contact. The funny thing is, it turned out he only lived a couple of miles down the road from me so we ended up getting together and formed The Pedigree Chumps and a couple of months later asked Pressure to join.. We are all based in Manchester. I live in Hyde (Dr Shipman town), Noz a couple of miles down the road in Bredbury and Pressures from Eccles near Salford..

DJ Pressure, I have been a chump for about 2 and a half years now. I’ve known CRF a long time. We used to go to all the hip hop & open mic jams in Manchester. We lost touch for a few years, then by chance I spotted some hip-hop site bigging him up so I emailed them and he got back to me. Then we met up and I became a chump. He knew I was ill on the kuts and beatbox.

How’d you summarise the sound or vibe of Pedigree Chumps?

NOZ, Well I’d say its 3 guys having a laugh…Staying true to what they are about. For example.. Gettin pissed…Perving at school girls and going to the nearest dogging spot for a session with the lovely ladys.
CRF, Pervivg at school girls. Speak for yourself. Going to swingers clubs. Getting it on with some owd codgers young wife while he watches in the background because he’s too old to do her. She’s only with him for his cash. Dogging spots are good. You can pull some cracking birds over the bonet of your Ford Capri lowrider.; Anyway as for the sound or the vibe of The Pedigree Chumps this is what it says on our press sheets (Dunno who wrote it though).
The Chumps sound is different to anything else out there.The productions original and the mcs impress with the lyrics,there one liners and the fact they dont take them selves too serious creating the sort of vibe the listeners can enjoy and even have a laugh to while still maintaining that street real hiphop element.After a few hours putting tracks together they like nothing more than a nice cold pint,then home for a hot plate of Egg and Chips.If you havent already heard The Pedigree Chumps music,you soon will as recognition is long overdue
DJ Pressure, Id say we’re unpredictable. The ladies think I’m sexy!
CRF, What ladies? The blind ones..

Who came up with the name and what’s it mean? You gonna be doing the theme tune for the Cruff’s show or sumting?

CRF, I came up with the name. Dunno why really. Pressure said it was after my 2 Boxer dogs which it might have been.. I suppose we’re a bunch of Chumps making Pedigree Music.. Ha. Maybe its because Pressure pulls some dogs when he’s pissed..

Dj Pressure, CRF did because of his dogs rocky and dino. We should do a set at cruffs, that would be mad.

Who handles your beats and who’d you like to get in to produce a record?

CRF, Most of the beats are taken care of by Noz as he’s definitely a fat producer. We also had beats supplied in the past by Mike s & Jpm and we’ve got a Jnd beat on the new Ep.. Generally its Noz though.. I haven’t made beats in quite a while, but I’m gonna start giving it a go again soon.. As for getting other people in to produce beats for us, I like to do some tracks over Ced Gee production. His beats are quality and Raw. Im also feeling Blades beats. Id do a track over anyone’s beat as long as I like it i suppose..
NOZ, I make the beats and do the recording and mixing of the tracks.. I think if we had someone else in doing the beats the whole chumps vibe would be lost…Our raps don’t really work on anyone else’s beats unless we are talking about random stuff.. Saying that tho, we have JND producing 2 beats on the new EP and the flows click with his production.. Last EP we had Mike-s dropping a beat and JPM. Quite a few peeps send me beats via email and stuff….
CRF, I like the old skool Raw sounding production as well. Parrish Smiths beats are fat.

Have you guys collaborated with any vocalists, or are there any artists out there you think would contribute well to your material?

CRF, When you say vocalist, I’m thinking you mean singers and not mcs. We’ve had guest mcs on our tracks like Filthy Rich and Leon The Goosepimp in the past but no singers.. Id like to do some tracks with a couple of singers though.. I think Jamelia’s got an excellent voice but if I got her in the studio I doubt much work would be getting done. Not on my part anyway. Id get carried away in them long legs of hers..
NOZ, Yeah we have filthy rich, universon and jnd all dropping dope verses on the new EP. Rich is a good mate who I have known for about 6 years now…We had a group together years ago with a few other emcees…We called ourselves 21EyeZ.. We did quite well and was well known for our crazy live performances where we would dress up as animals…One memorable occasion was where rich stripped out of his home made sheep suit down to his underpants whilst rapping about bestiality….classic!!
CRF, Ha I remember you telling me about that. Didn’t he get a bollocking off the bouncer or something. Class.

What’s the next up and coming release from you guys?

CRF, The next release from us is a brand new 8 track EP entitled “Egg, Chips And A Pint Of Mild”. It’s called that because when we’re not making music we eat a lot of Egg and Chips and drink a lot of beer. Simple as that.
NOZ, Yep, the egg chips and a pint of mild EP…....8 tracks of chumpness.

How long have you been working on it? Can you let us in on some of the tracks etc?

CRF, We’ve been working on it since about bloody April last year. It’s actually been finished about 5 times and just as we’re about to send it off to get pressed we come up with a new idea or Noz decides he wants to change one of the tracks. (Haha blame Noz). Anyway I’ve put my foot down now. It’s not being changed anymore. We will be sending it off anytime now to get pressed so it wont be too long before you will be treated to some more Pedigree Chumps madness.. I’ll give you a brief idea what some of the tracks are about.
“If you like Egg and Chips and a cup of pg and a nice bin lid for your sunday tea, Lean Back, but don’t fall of your seat —LEAN BACK!”
You saw the programme on Channel 4, now its time to swap wives with The Pedigree Chumps and see what happens.
Featuring some serious scratching from DJ Pressure, this is one of the hardest tracks from the Pedigree chumps. Beers getting drunk, tables are getting smashed and noses are getting broke.
Crf and Noz take you back on a journey into the late 1980s,early 90s era on this track. Back to the Golden Era, way before the Bling Bling scene took over. Think Public enemy, Hijack, k-solo, blade and Ultramags.
On the Up Norf Hiphop Edz Ep, we gave you “Intoxicated Munkiez”. This time around its “I Got The Trots”. You know how it is the morning after a 14 pints of Mild drinking session. Now pass the Tissues or even a Jay Z picture while I wipe me arse.
If you cant make money from Hiphop, buy yourself a white van. Change your name to Odd Job Eddie and Side Kick Sid, stick an advert in the local paper and Bingo! Gimme the Money. Oh yeah cant forget the Roy Orbison Lp.
Another hard track from the Chumps, hears Crf and Noz spitting back to back battle verses with a chorus that will definitely get crowd participation at future gigs.
If you like doggin the girls in Asda carpark then you’ll enjoy Trollop Tales.

What will this be coming out on? Or will you go the indy route and distribute it yaself?

NOZ, Looks like we are going to press it up ourselves and hopefully get a distribution deal….fingers crossed.
CRF, Yeah its coming out on vinyl & CD on our own Small Tonedef/Critical Beatdown label. At the moment it looks like we’re distributing it ourselves but that might change yet.. What ever happens people will be able to get it from

Are fans likely to see a Pedigree Chumps tour with the new release?

CRF, Id love to do a tour but sometimes that can be a bit difficult as we all have fulltime jobs and mortgages to pay. But yeah we will be doing gigs up and down the country promoting the record mainly at the weekends though. We got a few planned already.. We just did some gigs as the support act for GLC which was good but its miles better playing in front of real Hiphop heads who appreciate the music. If anybody reading this wants to put us on at any nights they got planned please get in touch.
NOZ, Well its not a tour but we will be doing as many gigs around the country as we can.

What can you say about your live shows/performances? What’s to be expected.

CRF, Our live shows are madness. We put a lot of energy in the performance and we’ve learnt to interact with the crowd a lot more. It’s always good to get the crowd involved. We talk to them about getting pissed in between tracks as well which they always appreciate as most people like a nice drink.. We also have an official Pedigree Chumps hype man who comes to our live gigs with us now. He’s called Red Venom and is one Hyped out MuthaFucka to put it nicely. He’s a top bloke…Most people enjoy a good Pedigree Chump show..
NOZ, Hiphop & Comedy..

How’d you rate the UK rap scene right now? Who’s your best and worst MC’s and beatmakers?

NOZ, Im into a lot of underground groups at the mo people who u lot wouldn’t of heard of yet. Ha…I don’t pay much attention to the UK scene anymore…It’s changed too much and moved away from the sound I liked….Spose its a part of progression. If so im stuck in the 90’s still…I like blades stuff, gunshot, iron bridge, phonetics, jibberish and loads other shit.. That whole essex thing is doing it for me rite now tho…
CRF, I think the UK scene is definitely strong at the moment. There’s a lot of good acts/artists coming through and a lot more small independents putting out quality music.. Blades still fat as always. Storms are Brewing was the best UK album of 2004 in my opinion.. Mcm from Caveman was my all time favourite UK mc and I’m definitely liking his comeback tune “Back Again”. I like what The Cohorts are doing, lyrically and production wise, Aerosolik Records, Jibberishs LP’s Fat. I like what Moorish Delta are doing, Wolftown, Phi Life Cypher, skinnyman, Hoodz Underground, Carpetface, Fat Club, Filthy Rich & Leon etc….I still listen to a lot of old UK hiphop like Ruthless Rap assassins, Buzz B, Hijack, Caveman etc..I don’t know about worst, but I’m not really feeling half these grime mcs or whatever you call them. I don’t know if they’re good or bad because I cant bloody understand them.

What do you think has been the single most positive and single most negative thing to happen to hiphop in the last 12 months?

NOZ, I havent a scoooby doo me ol mucka!
CRF, Yeah Noz doesn’t keep up to date on what’s happening. He’s always either asleep or pissed. I think the most positive thing to happen to hip-hop in the last 12months has been the return of some of the oldskool mcs. New albums from the likes of Brand Nubian, Krs One, Masta Ace, Blade, Ed Og, hearing that Chip Fu from The Fuschnickens is about to come back out with a new Lp etc. That’s all positive to me as I really rate them artists. The most negative was probably the death of Old Dirty Bastard..Another talent lost.

Some people love the internet for giving uk rap some exposure. Other people moan that the uk scene is becoming too much of a virtual existence. What you reckon?

NOZ, The internet is a powerful tool if used correctly. Made a mistake last time by allowing people to download the EP from me for free, but in that sense its acquired us a bigger fan base so maybe it was a sacrifice worth making.. who knows? 
What was the last release which you downloaded and did the artist out of a fiver?

NOZ, To tell u the truth I haven’t bought any CD’s or vinyl in about 2 years.. Why buy when u can get the shit for free on the internet…last thing I downloaded was Goretex album “The Art Of Dying”.
CRF, I cant download. I’m stuck in the 80s and haven’t got broadband. It takes about 3 weeks to download one track on a normal 56k modem. Saying that though I bought a bootleg copy of The Carpenters Greatest Hits a few weeks ago for me dad so i guess I did them old lyrical genius’s out of a few quid.. To be honest though I’m a big vinyl collector and much prefer to go out and buy the originals. I love going out at the weekend when I’ve got a spare few quid and buying some vinyl. Noz has forgotten what that’s like. He’s just got about 10 000 cds hes burnt of the net..

You got any shout out’s or plugs to round this up?

NOZ, Big shout to everyone….peace
CRF, Yeah big up to everyone who’s supported the Pedigree Chumps. Go out a buy the new Ep. Its Fat “Egg,Chips And A Pint Of Mild”.Buy the old Ep if you haven’t got it. “Up Norf Hiphop Edz”.. Also feel free to check out the website .It features the latest news on the Pedigree Chumps as well as the world of Hiphop in general. Big Big shout to TEE for doing the interview with us.. Big Up Aerosolik, Mime 109 and all the Strippers and Lapdancers, keep shaking your arses. Shout out to Pressure for answering 3 questions before pissing of with his bird to Kwik Save.. Also keep an eye open for the new Video to “Old Skool Fools” coming soon.

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