March 2004

June 11th, 2004

Kung Fu (Mr Complex, DJ Vadim, Hoods Underground) 16/03 Underworld Camden 
Dilated Peoples 18/03 Islington Academy London Klashnekoff 18/03 Kings X 
Skinnyman 18/03 Reading Headflux 24/03 Liverpool Rawskillz 
DJ Shadow 19/03 Custard Factory Birmingham, 20/03 Chibuku at The Masque Liverpool, 21/03 Madam Jojo’s London 
March On (The Unpeople, Mud Fam, GM Baby) 20/03 Bar Lorca Brixton (Banner Below)
Obie Trice 27/03 London Astoria 28/03 Birmingham Academy 29/03 Manchester Academy 30/03 Glasgow Barrowlands 
Jehst 09/04 16/04 23/04 30/04 Jazz Cafe, Camden London.
Repercussion 1st Birthday (DJ Kam, Jazz-T, Danny Breaks, Phi Life Cypher) 30/04 Egg Kings Cross  

RELEASES Mystro ‘Music Mystro’ (LowLife) 15/03, Cypress Hill ‘To Death Do Us Part’ 23/03 (Sony), Nas ‘Illmatic; Platinum Edition’ 29/03 (Sony), Dead Prez ‘RBG; Revolutionary But Gangsta 29/03 (Sony) Dilated People ‘Neighborhood Watch 06/04 (Capital Records), DJ Nu-Mark (Of Jurassic 5) ‘Hands On’ anytime soon!

NEWS KRS One this week releases his brand new album free on his temple of hip-hop website. The blastmaster is in preparations for this years Hip-Hop appreciation week which kicks off on the 16th of March. Feeling left out of all the stateside celebrations? Fear not because 1xtra launch into hip-hop weekend on the 19th of March. The two days will include 52 hours of non stop hip-hop as well as exclusive interviews and live sets!

TUNES TO CHECK D12 return with ‘My Band’ which I hate one listen and love the next. Royce returns to his underground roots with ‘Hip-hop’ which had me relieved and happy he’s back on track. A guy by the name of Eamon has a spiteful love ballad with lots of swearing by the name of ‘Fuck It’ although titles vary. Usher’s ‘Yeah’ is implanting the years most catchy bass line to date into the minds of every club goer and mainstream radio station listener in the country. Cypress Hill’s lead single from their new album borrows the music from a classic Clash track in the form of ‘What’s Your Number?’ which stands as an interesting debate point. Ghostface who’s dropped the ‘killah’ from his name has put out ‘My Guitar’ with a slow soulful opening which leads into another solid effort by the only worthwhile Wu member left. I slept on Klashnekoff for a minute but got a late pass and checked out ‘Murda’. Verdict, wow!

GRAFFITI OF THE WEEK Check out this link and if you’re on that long ass 184 route between Barnet and Wood Green, look out for the nice can work on the pharmacy wall as you turn from the motorway towards the road leading to Bounds Green station. Sweet as.

HIPHOP AT MIDDLESEX UNI Middlesex University, based in Trent Park, Enfield, Tottenham and Hendon. When I saw banners and fliers, even a mention in the student rag, about a night dedicated to hip-hop up in the hills of Trent Park I was excited. I was promised live DJ’s, great rappers, break dancing, performance poetry and lots of freebies for turning up early. I got none of that. In fact, me and my mate were the only dudes present who didn’t have anything to do with the organization of the event. Roughly, there were 10 people doing the event (most probably as part of a coursework project), three bar staff, a bouncer, the shit acts, and us! Campus activities aside, the surrounding areas aren’t that far off from great hip-hop hide outs including the fine town of Camden. So, when you’re filling in your UCAS forms are you going to be down for a few bus and tube journeys across town for something decent or settle for embarrassingly low numbers at rare events which means being the total focus of those performing?