November 2004

November 13th, 2004

Wassup people. Sorry it’s been a while since the news section was updated. I was hoping the next time I’d write to you with the latest, the site would be brand spanking new. The total re-design is almost complete though so visit back daily because its only a matter of time. Videos, audio, tons of interviews and articles are already lined up and waiting on my hard drive to be uploaded!

Now for the news. And tons of it has built up since I last typed. Where shall I start? Okay, first off I’ll mention the new Tommy Evans album and get that out the way for you all because I know how you like to pretend you don’t like him. The album ‘New Years Revolutions’ is fantastic, full of great production, lyrics and delivery and is well worth checking out. Mr Evans will be at the next Kungfu in Camden for the launch party and Kyza will be on the bill too, promoting his 12” release.

Something else recently in launching stage is Conspiracy Radio. There’s a detailed chat with the man behind it all in the interviews section of this site but the basics are that it’s a brand new internet radio show dedicated to hip-hop with a lot of specialized programs of a variety of flava’s. Everyone there has a great attitude and it always provides for a good listen.

So Eminem is back…back again. And I can’t help but talk for hours about his latest single and album. There’s something about his career which really satisfies the music conversationalist. Whether you hate him or love him. First off, what’s all the fuss about the lead single? How is making a few jokes out of the most public figure the world has ever seen disrespecting the black race? For starters, Michael Jackson disrespected black people himself by changing everything about himself so he wasn’t classified as one of them! I’ve heard the new album Encore and its great in parts and pretty boring and unadventurous in others. It certainly caters for his mainstream audience. For instance, Tim Westwood wrote in his review for The Sun newspaper that the album was Eminem’s best and not only that, but an all time classic of our genre. Hmm…Get a better ghost writer Dimothy. Fans disappointed with the album have already started with the conspiracy chatter. The suicidal pose of Eminem holding a gun to his mouth on the album art work, and the shots heard on the albums final track which are made out to be Eminem killing himself is supposedly a suggestion that mainstream Marshall is dead, and the next time we get a release from Mathers, it’ll be for the real heads. Here’s for believing!
On this side of the Atlantic, Pitman is back with a fantastic new video you can catch over at The song is funny and as good as his past stuff, and is taken from a forthcoming album out very shortly. This is what you call comedic hip-hop. Fuck GLC! Roots Manuva is also back. He’s releasing an internet download only single entitled ‘Double Drat’ which is available for one pound at his website There’ll be a conventional first single release along with the album entitled ‘Awfully Deep’ out during January. What I’ve heard so far has been different in terms of production, but not greatly, and has been extremely familiar in terms of lyrics and flow, which is only a good thing!

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the two new Blade 12” releases. One is the single ‘Reflection’ off ‘Storms Are Brewing’ and the other is a limited edition ‘A&Rseholes’ full of venom and anger. Production all round is great, as is artwork. New track ‘Soldier’ featuring Respect BA and Life is fantastic and one not to miss.

Loved the old Outkast but not too sure about the wacky costumes and singing? You’re going to love one of their forthcoming releases. They’ve teamed up again for a ten track album called ‘10 The Hard Way’. It’s going to be a strictly hip-hop affair, with production handled entirely by Organized Noise. This will be released after the soundtrack to the movie they’re currently working on. Start ticking off the calendar boxes!
Vex of Luton, who recently featured on this site, is said to have quit his hip-hop career. When I last spoke to the man, he had a completed album and was talking to labels, however the grape vine tells me he’s re-prioritized his life and is packing his bags. He may be back one day, but with a different style…

Ugly Ducking, DJ Format and MC Abdominal and quite a few other names will be putting on one hell of a new years eve party in Bristol this year. Apparently the promoters offered to much money for them to decline, and the artists, their friends and family will be invading the UK. Now that’s a good way of seeing in a new year!

Dirty Diggers of Zebra Traffic have just released their debut EP ‘Don’t Get Days Off’. The release from the two man Leeds/London crew has already got support from DJ Exhalibah, Annie Mac, Rodney P, Skitz and tons of other people. You can hear snippets of the Ep at the official website where there’s also a video for the track ‘That’s Why’.

Klashnekoff, Kyza and Skriblah are performing at Zodiac Oxford along with Doc Brown Low Key and Reveal. Tickets are £8. It’s happening on the 19th, and there’ll be copies of Doc’s ‘Citizen Smith’ mix tape up for grabs!

Volume Three of £10 bag by Taskforce/Rawdog/Louis Slippers is finally here. It features exclusives from Chester P, Farma G, Reveal, Doc Brown, Phi Life Cypher, Jehst, Yungun, Mystro and tons more! It can’t be anything but good! Keep an eye out in the next month for Evil Ed’s The Enthusiast featuring something crazy like 22 different artist collaborations!