May 2004

May 17th, 2004

Jurassic 5 On the official band website Charli 2na dropped through the message boards with details of what’s going on. There’s a new 12” release from DJ Numark comprising of an A side featuring 2na called ‘Charli 2na Comin Thru’ and a B side featuring J Live called ‘Brand Nu Live’. The A is to feature on the new album ‘Fish Outta Water’ by the deep voiced J5 favourite which is coming out in the late summer. As well as Cut Chemists solo venture, that’s all you’re getting from the camp this year. The follow up to ‘Power In Numbers’ is being worked on right now, and is likely to drop January 2005.

Outkast That old discussion point of whether or not Andre and Big Boi will or should split up and go their separate ways is still simmering on the stove. Earlier this year Andre was quoted as saying that he’d like the latest album to be the last, in an ideal world. Well now Big Boi has said that the comment was taken out of context by the journalist involved in the interview and it isn’t over just yet. Let’s hope not. There’s a film on the way and there’ll be a new album acting as its sound track.

Verb T and Kashmere drop the new album ‘Technical Illness’ on the seventh of June.

Aspects are finally about to go public with their new line up and material. The video for their first single of the new album called ‘Impact’ is just about ready. The animated affair created partly by James Curran, whom has worked on Ugly Duckling stage footage, sees the members portrayed as gangster type folks, dressed in black suits and ties. I’ve seen screen shots, and it’s going to be hot!

Blade this week was a part of Carling’s 24 hour live music promotion which was gigs all over the land one after the other to make up 24 hours of banging performances. He shared the bill with Feeder at Apollo Hammersmith London and won over a crowd of thousands of rockers. A few lager louts scared of anything new brewed up a little hostility, shouting and throwing the odd bottle, but Blade simply kicked the missiles back where they came from and continued like the professional he is.

Beastie Boys had the world and his wife/her husband (so PC) waiting on Zane Lowe’s BBC radio show this past week for the world exclusive of the first new single in six years ‘Ch Check it out’. Not long after, MTV’s all over the world and various websites were playing the hilarious new video. The verdict was positive and people are gagging for the album (which various FTP servers seem to already have leaked). Various reports came out of some press listening parties saying that the single is the most upbeat and light hearted of the bunch, the majority of songs being of a serious nature and including many a lyric in disgust of George W Bush.

Kanye West seems to be putting his recent popularity to good use, helping Dilated get radio play with their new single which he produced. West is said to be producing for the new Common and Talib Kweli albums, which could potentially see a greater success because of the link with the Rocafella talent.

Jehst July the 5th sees the release of a ‘Jehst Presents’ compilation from Low Life Records called ‘Underworld Epics’ available to pre order now at various mail order websites. It’s available on both CD and vinyl.

Skinnyman He’s on his way! June 14th sees his Low Life Records release ‘Council Estate of the Mind’. In the meantime check him at Ponders End carnival against racism (more info here) and the lead single ‘I’ll be surprised’ which hits stores on May 24th.

Pharoah Monch it appears, will be signing to Shady/Aftermath Records. Originally just a speculative internet rumour, Talib Kweli recently spoke on the closing of Rawkus Records and said he believes the signing to be the case. Talib also dropped a little news on Mos Def, saying that he is currently without a deal.

Beastie Boys performed a secret gig open to various Radio One competition winners only on Saturday at ICA. The B Boys ran through their hits Root Down, Sure Shot, Right Right Now, Flute Loop, Body Movin’, Triple Trouble, Time To Get Ill, 3 MC’s and 1 DJ, So What’cha Want and the new single Ch-Check It Out. Radio One DJ Zane Lowe did a warm up set before Mix Master Mike spun for five minutes before the three legendary MC’s entered the stage. Keep an eye on which has a few hidden interviews and album previews around its various pages.

Blade performed a gig in Brighton on Thursday which also acted as shooting for the video to the forthcoming single ‘Reflections’. Stage diving, a Respect BA set and some time on the mic for Salvo were all part of the celebrations which included a live on stage proposal to his wife from website forum member Deej Notts. She said yes! Cilla Black watch out!

Klashnekoff releases the CD ‘The Saga’s Of…’ this month which features all of his hits to date as well as a few skits and some exclusive never before heard material. He’ll be at Kung Fu this week for its launch party, where Janomi’s ‘The Essence’ and Ill Flava’s ‘Have Patience’ also gets a launch.

Xzibit will release ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ this August according to unofficial sources. The Aftermath artist who lost a lot of credibility with internet hiphop elitists with his last two ‘mainstream’ albums will no doubt be calling on the work of Dr. Dre for some typical west coast beats. Affiliated artists Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg are finally getting their act together to release a 213 album on TVT Records.

Gangstarr recently cancelled a European live date and were said to have split up after tour management told the gig organisers that Premo and Guru were no more. There’s no official word and its likely to be a BS internet rumour but just in case it isn’t, here it is.

Q-Tip of Tribe Called Quest will be performing on two nights and London’s Jazz Cafe. Catch him in August and September for twenty five quid.

Ma$e is back. Check out for some streaming audio of his new track ‘Welcome Back’. In all seriousness, the beat is actually quite catchy. Sorry, but it’s true.

MC Abdominal has informed me that five tracks are in the bag for the next DJ Format album and that the first single should be coming out soon! Also, he’s going to be releasing a brand new track with DJ Fase on Genuine (Formats Label) to create hype for their re-release of the Abdominal/Fase album ‘Flowtation Device’. Woohoo!

Nas goes political on his forthcoming album ‘Street’s Disciple’ in an attempt to show his young audience “the right way”. He’ll be attacking US politicians as being dishonest. He’s calling for artists to have control over their genre and not some white 80 year old who doesn’t know jack.
Wyclef is already ready to release another album, the follow up to his first album with J Records, Preachers Son. The new disc is said to be titled Silent But Deadly and will feature the track ‘If I Was President’.

Tunes to check: On The Real/Thief’s Theme by Nas, Ch-Check It Out by Beastie Boys, Welcome Back by Ma$e, It’s Like That by Blade and Defisis, My Life by Doc Brown, Just Me by Braintax, Before You Die by Klashnekoff! When You Hear That by Mobb Deep (Alchemist) On The Real by Nas, Lonely People by Talib Kweli, Stand Up by Jehst, Check It by Roots Manuva, Linguistics by Jurassic 5, That Way by Wordsworth, Slumber by Jehst and Yungun, Do You Want More by Ty. I know i’ve mentioned some of these before, but they’re hot!

Gigs: Aspects @ Barfly 26/MAY Gangstarr @ Astoria 15/JUNE Buck 63 @ 100 Club 06/JULY, Jay Z/Roots Manuva/Method Man @ Earls Court 08/05, Kung Fu @ Underworld 18/05, Kanye West @ Forum 20/05, RJD2 @ Metro 14/06, Kelis/Talib Kweli/Missy Elliot @ Wembley Arena 19/06 Beanie Man @ Ocean 24/06, Wutang Clan @ Apollo Hammersmith 08/07.