April 2004

April 24th, 2004

QUIZ A) Who is tinned in brine, has a deep voice and shares the name of Snoop’s mate? B) Who is an inspiration of Tommy Evans, has big ears and a cap and a friend called Kevin? C) Who is *** nice but (very) dim and a fiend for cheap sound FX who needs dealing with?

Aspects will release the first single from their new album ‘Mystery Theatre’ (June) called ‘Impact’ in the second week of May, supported by a string of UK dates which they hope will be a good run through of their new technology and line up. The single’s a three track release including a ‘Barrie Shadows style remix’. There’s a new animated video for that out which they claim looks ‘the nuts!’. Following the album release in June, a collaboration between the ‘spects and Bee’s is released as a single, with a video directed by 10Pence, a hot new video company. The gig dates as of the 25th of March are given below. 

Dr Dre has dropped proceedings of the follow up album to ‘2001’, ‘Detox’ to concentrate on the talent signed to Aftermath Records. The rapper/producer has said that he’s more interested in sticking to production and helping talented rappers blow up and reach their potential. Shortly after the release of 2001 he had already hatched the idea of ‘Detox’ which was once said to be a concept album taking the form of a hip-hop stage musical! Shame it didn’t happen…

Busta Rhymes one of the artists Dre hopes to help on up and coming projects is set to release his first DVD. The rapper, known for his unique high energy has named this release ‘Everything Remains Raw’. The disc consists of a lot of live footage as well as back stage and behind the scenes goodies. There’s also a reflective look back at a younger Busta who burst into his career with that awesome Tribe Called Quest collaboration ‘Scenario’.

LINE OF THE TIME “UK Stop The Beef Lets Build” Jehst ‘Wake Up’

Jurassic 5 have delivered once more with their new track ‘Linguistics’ whilst the ever popular Charli 2na is said to be able to drop a solo effort. He’s done a couple of tracks without his J5 comrades including two with Roots Manuva and a recent track produced by Emile called ‘Don’t Stop’. 

Eminem oh, and D12, featured on Friday the 9th’s Westwood session in which Mr. Shady dropped one of his most awesome freestyles (pre-written?) to date. Stumbling at the starting line, and given a hand back up by Proof, Eminem rhymed for a good minute and three quarters, delivering some of the punchy magic a lot of people have been missing and waiting for the return of. The performance reached its highest point when the emcee told listeners he’d rhyme in his own made up language, which he did, followed by rhyming in English at an impressively boosted speed, of a remarkably similar pattern. A lot of people have been suggesting that rather than becoming burned out and tired, the variations in consistency of Eminem’s mix tape material and guest spots is actually down to the artist trying out and putting into practice different types of flow before his new album drops later this year. Going on this vocal work out, he wont be fading away anytime soon. The freestyle by now, can surely be found on file sharing software and fan message boards.

UK Takeover finally took place this month, featuring performances by Roots Manuva, Terra Firma, Taskforce, Blade and many more. Jehst was on the line up but was only present in a video clip to apologise for his absence, and Skinnyman was due to perform and present, but police stepped in towards the end of the event and cut the procedures short, after a reportedly heated Blade tried his best to persuade them otherwise, after his own set which started in silence because of engineer issues, was also cheated of its deserved time slot. These issues aside, the night was a success leaving a lot of people the next day, painting the internet with hopes of a nationwide sequal to the night. Lets hope it happens.
Blade is performing at Brighton’s Concorde 2 on the 13th of May and is taking some video camera’s along to film the gig for a documentary him and his people are working on as well as the video for his second single off of ‘Storms Are Brewing’ called ‘Reflections’. A lot of people from all over the land have already booked their ticket. Make sure you don’t miss out. Catch more info at www.blade691.com
Monie Love, the London born MC who shot to fame featuring on tracks by De La Soul and Queen Latifah, is set to release a new CD. It’ll be a mix tape affair, and depending on its success, the prelude to a full blown new album. She’s currently DJing in the states where she has lived and grown up in since 1989.

Dead Prez debuted into hip-hop with an album promoting equality and frowning upon injustice and in particular racial hatred. This month the music video for ‘Hell Yeah’ the lead single of their album ‘RBG’ hits the screens. Sony at one point decided not to back this album but as bootlegging and publicity began to rise, their eyes turned to dollar signs and they thought again. The video features a white family who get lost on a day trip. They soon drive into ‘the hood’ at which point, a group of ten or more black men surround the car, throw them out and drive away. Later in the six minutes film, footage of a white pizza delivery boy getting jumped and rushed by a group of black men is shown. It is so wrong because of this, and so right for the lines of anti employment and clips of resignation. The music track is of an improved quality to the bootleg version which at one point, M1 and Stic Man told fans they ought to pick up, whilst they were arguing with Sony and felt the album would never see the light of day. Tell me this situation would happen back when the track ‘Hip Hop’ dropped and I would have laughed. It’s sad to say, but the talented group that was, appear to have settled for the easy ride of being controversial for the unsubstantial point of it. Take a look yourself at www.launch.com

In related news, Stic Man of the duo has recently been arrested stateside for ‘Flight Disturbance’. The MC was cuffed for alleged assault on a United Airlines flight from Oh’Hare on route to New York City. “They refused to turn off their radios” claimed a flight attendant present, ironic as ‘turn off the radio’ was a part of the titles for both their recent mix tapes…

Big Brovas really are on top of their game! The countries greatest rap group ever have secured themselves on the same bill as the international phenomenon Cheeky Girls! at Middlesex Universities much dissed Summers Ball.

Beastie Boys have released information on their forthcoming album. The 15 track LP is titled ‘To the 5 Boroughs’ and will be an entirely hip-hop affair. ‘Ch-Check it out’ will be the lead single and video which will feature on the band website www.beastieboys.com alongside new artwork and photo’s soon. The track listing of the project are as follows; Ch-Check It Out, Right Right Now Now, 3 The Hard Way, Time To Build, Rhyme The Rhyme Well, Triple Trouble, Hey Fuck You, Oh Word, That’s It That’s All, All Lifestyles, Shazam!, An Open Letter to NYC, Crawlspace, The Brouhaha, We Got Thee. STOP PRESS> Check out their website for a sneak peak NOW!

Banksy The underground stencil graffiti legend has struck again! This time at the Natural History museum in London. He placed this stuffed rat in a case on a wall which remained there for some time. Even the museum staff thought that it was part of the decor! Check out this link to read the full story and www.banksy.co.uk for more genius pieces of art.

RELEASES 05/04/04 Dead Prez ‘Revolutionary But Gangsta’ 19/04/04 DJ Format ‘A Right Earful’. MAY Klasnekoff 12 track album JUNE Aspects ‘Mystery Theatre’ SUMMER Skinnyman album (supposedly..)

GIGS 9/5 NAS Birmingham, 11/5 NAS London. Aspects 3/4 Bristol Academy, 5/5 Cardiff Barfly, 11/5 Falmouth, 13/5 Newquay, 21/5 Dublin Ireland, 26/5 Camden Barfly, 27/5 Birmingham, 29/5 Leicester, 30/5 Shrewsbury, 4/6 Edinburgh, 5/6 Glasgow, 13-17/6 Barcelona, 18/6 Ryde, Isle of Wight! Blade 17/4 UK Takeover Nottingham 30/4 Consorium Bournemouth 13/5 Brighton.

TUNES TO CHECK ’Feel The Music’ Tommy Evans ‘This Way’ Dilated Peoples ‘All Falls Down’ Kayne West ‘Pop Idol’ Blade ‘Lonely People’ Talib Kweli ‘What’s Happening?’ Method Man and Busta Rhymes ‘Whatcha Gonna Do?’ Tempa and Klashnekoff ‘Try’ Talib Kweli ‘Wake Up’ Jehst ‘Nutrition’ Mystro ‘Lighter’ Wyclef and Anthony B 1XTRA AUDIO

QUIZ ANSWERS A) Charli 2na B) Roland Rat C) Tim Westwood. Find this site a sponsor and I’ll give you a prize!