Neanderthal Youth- Unearthed: The Early Days

February 16th, 2005

In saying that ‘Unearthed: The Early Days’ is entertaining, fun, light hearted and sometimes humorous, is not to say that it isn’t an extremely solid album of quality hip-hop at its purest. Both statements are true. From beginning to end, there’s a vibe created by Neanderthal Youth. Members Eibol, Nobs and Kosaka make up a trio with similarities to Ugly Duckling, Jurassic 5, Cut Chemist flavoured rap, but also culminate in a 15 track product which has original personality and presence. The intro is of an old skool style, with lots of scratching and cutting going on. ‘Anthem’ begins the first of many samples that refer to the group title. With a mixture of a live drum loop and a nice simple bass line, the MC’s lay down the basics, stating their land of origin and their vocal approaches. ‘You Outa Promote’ has a fantastic flute and some atmospheric piano hits. On ‘Thrift Shop Hip Hop’ the group begin the track with a sung chorus which is likely to make for some cool crowd participation at live gigs. One of the greatest methods of rapping is used on the track ‘Madaline’ which is a story telling affair about a chick. ‘Thy Plant’ begins with a smooth and warm use of the synthesiser which fades into some headnodding shakers and a escalating loop which could quite possibly be stuck in your head for a long time. The end of the song is a fantastic moment of strong comedic value. ‘Electric Uprock’ is an upbeat party number which is possibly the highest point of the CD. ‘The Last Track’ isn’t actually the last if you include the hidden number, and both demonstrate the enjoyment which is extremely evident that the artists gained whilst creating this product.