Various- Holiday Fever

October 31st, 2004

Memo and Friday presents ‘Holiday Fever’ is a 17 track compilation of tracks out on ICM Records (Canada) featuring performances from Memo, Second Thought, Eye to Eye and more, on beats produced by Jay Dee, Fat Sak, DJ Premier, Nas and others. Stand out tracks are the Nas track ‘Get Down’ with vocals replaced by ‘Lokey (not to be confused with Lowkey of England) and ‘Malicious Town’ which is vintage Premo style music accompanied by the vocals of Malicious. Unfortunately this track turns a lot rockier in its later stages. The appearances of Second Thought interest enough to want to hear more and a flute chorus on ‘The Rising’ made by Rayna Shine impresses. This is ideal for energetic, intoxicated or happy listeners.

One Response to “Various- Holiday Fever”

  1. Chester Phillips Says:

    This Crew is amazing…thanks for the scoop Tee!