DJ Nu-mark/Pomo- Blend Crafters Vol.1

July 7th, 2004

Blend Crafters is an all instrumental journey driven entirely by DJ Nu-mark besides from the two tracks contributed by Pomo. The album consists of ten songs and one interlude and for much of the time, focus on mid tempo, chilled and soulful sounds. As far as I can tell from the packaging that has no inlay, all of this is original music relying on the mature inventive nature of those involved. There’s few moments of far left field experimentation and the orientation tends to settle middle of the road, providing an easy listen which you can still nod your head back and forth to. Several highlights are the interlude in which Gil Scott Heron talks about percussion and demonstrates some beat boxing which sits nicely between two tracks that have some great drums, Flute Fidelity which blends the awesome instrument together with a basic drum pattern and a reoccurring vocal sample and Imagine which is an extremely listenable cover of the John Lennon classic. If only they’d got a guest vocalist to drop some science over this, they would have had a 12” of the year to put out. It’s nice to hear a project headed by the Jurassic 5 DJ and producer who sometimes seems to be left in the shadows of his group mate Cut Chemist’s speedy and funky mixes. Learning a little more about his musical leanings allows for a better understanding of the J5 dynamic, but more importantly a chilled and relaxing half an hour.