Classified- Trial And Error

July 13th, 2004

Trial and Error is the self produced, debut UK release from Canadian, MTV play-listed and UMA awards nominated artist Classified with guest appearances from DL Incognito, J-Bru, Bonshah, Spesh K and Mic B. The 14 tracks are all of great beats likely to have you throwing your hands up and down in true 8 mile fashion. The vocals are of an expressive voice and a very listenable flow, whilst the collection of songs contain all sorts of flava including the reggae influenced ‘Heavy Artillery’, the guitar based ‘Just the way it is’ which Incognito and Maestro drop great verses on and the title track that holds a hint of Latino. Other high points are the samples of track four ‘On the brink’ which comes in the form of a cockney ‘very bad baddy’ and track 8’s random elevator music. Impressive lyricism comes in the form of ‘Confused Confrontations’ which is a retrospective take on friendship. Yet another quality release to come out of Canada, this is an album by an artist with his head well screwed on, who’s easy to listen to and who’s capable of offering his listeners with a variety of impressive vibes.