MC Abdominal

June 11th, 2003


Soon after hearing the guy for the first time at a Jurassic 5 gig, I chatted with the extremely talented and amazingly entertaining Canadian MC about all sorts.

A lot of people will know you primarily from the work you did with DJ Format on his album ‘Music For The Mature B Boy’, how did you hook up with him for that?

Me & Fase were signed to a little Toronto-based label called Tune Up. The guy that ran that label is friends with Format & he put us in touch.

You’ve been on the road for a while with Format now, what’s that experience been like and how are you looking forward to your set at Glastonbury festival this summer?

Touring has been amazing & I can’t wait to do more. I’m especially hyped for Glastonbury because everyone’s been telling me it’s insanity!

How are you feeling the UK hiphop scene in comparison to what you’ve seen else where? Would you say it has the potential to blow up as big as things have done in the states?

Honestly, I don’t feel I know enough about the UK hip-hop scene yet to comment…hopefully Format will blow up though!

Previous releases of yours include the EP ‘Flowtation Device’ with DJ Fase that is to be re-released later this year. Are there any plans to play some dates to support that?

Yeah, I think we’re talking about trying to do a tour in October.

Am I right in thinking you handled the cover art for the EP yourself? Has any other funky art work of yours been featured anywhere?

Yeah, I did the illustration on the Flowtation Device cover. I occasionally do illustrations (usually caricatures) for some newspapers & magazines here in Canada.

For those that don’t know too much about the hiphop scene in Canada, could you shed some light on artists and/or producers that are worth checking?

Watch out for Circle Research, the Oddities, D-Sisive, Kamau, Bronze-One & Too Bad to be True.

Where do you see the rapper Abdominal in five years time from now? Will there be a solo long player under your belt and what direction could you see that going in?

That’s pretty far ahead for me to forecast! Hopefully still doing music, travelling, having fun & sampling good chicken wings everywhere.

What artists and producers out there would you like to work with on some material?

My girlfriend is a jazz pianist & we’ve been talking about trying to work on some stuff.

Just starting out, what were the most influential artists and songs which made you want to get into becoming an artist yourself?

Run-DMC’s ‘Raising Hell’ was the 1st hip-hop album I ever bought & it probably played a big part in my wanting to try to rhyme myself.

What do u think of conscious hip hop? Do u feel strongly enough about issues that you’d write tracks about them or prefer to keep the music separate?

I’m not trying to be a politician, but if I thought a particular issue would make a good song I wouldn’t be against doing it. It’s not really my thing though…I’m more into wordplay, flows & personal observations & philosophies.

Off stage and out of the studio, how does Mr. Abdominal spend his time?

Walking my 2 dogs, reading a lot, writing raps, eating bad food, renting videos with my girl etc.

In the last five or six years the internet has become a huge part of hiphop in terms of artists getting exposure and people who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to create music, getting the opportunity. Would you say the sharing of music online is a good thing for the industry?

It’s probably hurting the industry right now, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to make $ from the net soon

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  1. mike Says:

    Saw a car reg plate for sale…......5MC

  2. Notes to Self aka Too Bad to Be True Says:

    Notes to Self aka Too Bad to Be True shouts Andy.

    We love old interviews that make old promises. Abdominal GO! 16 Bars on one breath, love to see that go down. Yikes!

  3. Notes to Self aka Too Bad to Be True Says:

    We’ve only ever seen 14 bars successfully.