Manafest- My Own Thing

February 24th, 2004

This morning I got posted a copy of the debut album of to me, a pretty much unknown artist from Canada. His Mum and Dad will know him as a Chris Greenwood. To us he’s Manafest, and a very promising new artist too. He’s white, he skateboards, his goal is to lay down an unforgettable and remarkable style on his national scene and he’s already half way there or more. In a short time span, he’s sold impressive numbers of his first EP (Misled Youth), has positioned himself in a healthy position to get a record deal and has established himself as a reliable and entertaining live act. The album starts with a solid introduction which is successful in getting the listeners familiar with his voice (interesting), the production vibe (diverse and deep) and the optimistic and positive subject matter (impressive) which is to follow on the 19 track CD. There’s a broad range of atmospheres on the project developed through humorous interludes such as ‘Coffee Shop’ in which a slang obsessed customer tries ordering something the waitress can’t understand and ‘My Life’ an autobiographical tale of dark family moments which will have you double taking the lyrics and thinking ‘shiiit’. I’ll be honest. The album cover of a white guy wearing a skull cap type accessory and a press release talking about the fusion of rap and rock sounds had me worried, but I was soon relaxing and feeling the solid foundation of a rap career I’m now interested in following further.