Darkcraftsmen- No Shadow On Your Sundial

April 6th, 2005

High quality production, interesting accents and a variety of vibes make this an enjoyable CD with lots of playback value, and appeal for a mixture of heads. The stand out track is ‘T-2000’ which is of an old skool UK rap vibe that’s simply awesome. The tempo is high, there’s lots of stuff going on within the busy beat and the vocals are dope. There’s a James Brown sample in there, tons of cool drums, a catchy loop and lots more. Not to ignore the rest of the CD, because the escalating atmospherics of Titanium Assassin’, the unsettling background loop of ‘Poison Pen Letter’, the Eastborn and Junior Disprol appearances on ‘True Vandal’ and the thought provoking ‘Origins Of Sin’ are solid. On a whole, the release doesn’t sound much like anything else out at the moment, so it’s worth picking up if you want a refreshing change.